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Technology in electronics advances every day and cable analyzers are not the exception. Now that Fluke Networks family DTX support has come to an end, it is necessary to update your installation tools to maximize labor on your job sites. DSX2-8000 INT is a cable certifier which helps you analyze up to category 8 besides modular plug terminated links according to TIA 568-2.D standard.

In addition, the DSX2-8000 INT is equipped with LinkWare Live, a cloud based service which allows you send test reports remotely through its built-in Wi-Fi interface, letting you generate all reports needed for the certification process. DSX2-8000 is also compatible with Brady Printer BMP51 with which it is possible to automate label printing for cables and outlets, reducing mistakes on site caused by un-labeled installations.

Choose one:

Alternative 1: Get a free Brady BMP51 printer when you buy a DSX2-8000 INT.

Alternative 2: Trade your DTX or any cable certifier from a different vendor to receive a discount when you buy a new Versiv cable analyzer.

  • Option 1 – when you buy a DSX2-8000 INT get $1,500 OFF.
  • Option 2 – when you buy a DSX2-8000QI (includes copper and quad OLTS modules and a usb video inspection probe) get $2,500 OFF.
  • Option 3 – when you buy a DSX2-8000QOI 8000QI (includes copper, quad OLTS, quad OTDR modules and a usb video inspection probe) get $4.000 OFF.

90 days Payment Option for the following items:

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Terms and Conditions

  • Valid through December 21st, 2018.
  • This promotion may not be used or combined with any other promotion.
  • Trade-In tester must be returned within 4 weeks after you receive your DSX2, 2018 to make promotion valid, otherwise full price will be invoiced to customer.
  • Valid only for English Caribbean Countries.
  • Customer is responsible for shipping tester back to in country location applicable.
  • For more information contact your sales representative or send a message to