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Gai-tronics Phone

GAI-Tronics®, a Hubbell Company, is the world’s largest company focused on the communication needs of the industrial and commercial markets. GAI-Tronics aggressively applies leading edge technology to solve the world’s most challenging communication needs, and is backed by stability, reputation, and financial strength of Hubbell Incorporated, a worldwide leader in electrical and electronic products. GAI-Tronics offers a comprehensive line of communications products designed for those applications where standard telephones are not environmentally suitable. Since our telephones are often installed in the most harsh and hazardous areas, durability and performance are extremely important.

GAI-Tronics’ telephones are utilized in all facets of the communication industry.  Emergency Hand Sets Telephones for safety and security and Industrial Telephones Hand Sets for productivity are designed with different packaging and technological criteria.  Analog, VoIP/WiFi, RF and cellular models meet the needs of nearly any application. GAI-Tronics Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology (SMART) Telephones provide customers the most aggressive monitoring features on the market. Our public address Stanchion Broadcast and Addressable Amplified Speaker products are accessible via a 600 Ohm, RF, or VoIP/WiFi network to meet virtually any one-way broadcast application.