OPTEX®, leading sensor manufacturer for over 30 years, provides high performance detection and video analytics systems for security, safety and business applications. Ranging from infra-red and microwave to laser and fibre optic, OPTEX's smart sensing technologies help detect intruders, obstacles, static and thrown objects as well as piggybacking and tailgating situations. Using video analytics, OPTEX’s people counting solution features multi-directional in and out count and flow analysis. Integrating seamlessly with most CCTV and VMS platforms, OPTEX intrusion detection systems offers customisable and reliable multi-layered security approach to protect critical infrastructure, transportation, commercial and industrial sites, data centres and VIP residences.


Case Studies

  • Understanding the Benefits of Fibre Optic PIDS
    For high security sites, it is important to rely on a high performance perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) that can be calibrated to ignore nuisance vibrations, but not miss alarms, and can provide a long lasting system with minimum maintenance cost. The fibre optic intrusion detection from Fiber SenSys Inc, an OPTEX group company, does just that.
    A video has been created to explain how these fence and wall sensors work.

  • OPTEX Accurance 3D Piggybacking and Tailgating Detection System
    For high security access control where only one authorised person should go through at the time, Accurance 3D will detect any attempt of piggybacking or tailgating. The solutions is not affected by any lighting condition and uses an innovative technology to model the scene in 3D, and colour code the height making it easier to analyse it and differentiate between people and object.

  • Securing Data Centres with OPTEX Solutions 
    OPTEX sensing technologies can help protect each layer of a data centre, from detecting intruders breaking in through the perimeter of the site or roofs or floor void, to analysing unauthorised access inside the building.