Panduit HD Flex Fiber Cabling System

Making Fiber Connectivity Easier to Manage

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Reshaping the Traditional High-Density Fiber Enclosure

The system marries a high-density enclosure to optimize data center space, with innovative cable management, making the HD Flex Fiber Cabling System the most serviceable and manageable on the market today.

  • Easy access to connections from front or rear of cabinet.
  • Each half of the split tray operates independently, minimizing disruptions.
  •  Allows easy access to connections on rear of enclosure, with cables routed to the side instead of the back.

Why It's Better

  • Adaptable between 6 and 12-port configurations.
  • Amplify space and minimize costs.
  • Ultimate freedom and flexibility to use anywhere.
  • Front and back access allows infrastructure MACs without disturbing adjacent connections.
  • Split tray operates independently, protecting connections from disruption meaning increased uptime and reliability.
  • Deployment made easy!

Accessibility = Serviceability = Flexibility

Cassettes install easily from the front or the back to speed serviceability and deployment. The lift-out design of the cassettes means patch cords can stay in place, limiting disruptions. The unique split tray feature allows each half of the tray to be pulled out independently, decreasing the likelihood that connections will be disrupted.

10G to 40G/50G/100G Migration

Cassettes are easily switched to fiber adapter panels when it is time to migrate to 40G, 50G or 100G. When paired with the PanMPO Fiber Connector, migration to higher data speeds becomes a snap.

PanMPO Fiber Connector

PanMPO Fiber Connector image

Change doesn’t have to be hard. With Panduit’s PanMPO™ Connector, you can change the polarity and gender of the fiber optic connector in the field, making your 10G to 40G Ethernet migration quick, easy and cost-effective.

The PanMPO™ Connector is the only MPO fiber optic connector available that can change polarity and gender in a matter of seconds. This means when it is time to migrate to 40G, you can switch the connectors to maintain standards-compliance without replacing your fiber infrastructure.

Always have the Right Cable Assembly

Stock one type of cable assembly instead of six … the only thing you have to figure out is length!  Simply switch the connector on your cable to have the polarity and gender you need. Improve your operational efficiency, save time, and save money.

  • Easily convert between male and female gender, and between key-up and key-down polarity
    for a standards-compliant 10G or 40G Ethernet installation.
  • Connector changes are made in the field, as needed.
  • Always have the right cable assembly on hand.
  • Available on trunks, harnesses, interconnects and reference cords.


Signature Core™ Fiber Optic Cabling System


This revolutionary advancement in multimode fiber communications systems delivers the ultimate in reach and design flexibility, compensating for both modal and chromatic dispersion. Signature Core™ Fiber Optic Cabling System delivers verified optical performance and signal integrity beyond 10/40/100 Gb/s Ethernet and 8/16 Gb/s Fibre Channel standards requirements.

Signature Core™ Fiber Optic Cabling System Enables Cisco 40G BiDi Optical Module to Reach 150 Meters

Cisco developed a new 40G Ethernet optical module called BiDi (40GBASE-SR-BiDi), short for bidirectional. Cisco’s goal was to develop a QSFP+ 40G optical module, to use in place of 40G Ethernet 40GBASE-SR4 modules, that could use the exact same infrastructure as 10G Ethernet (10GBASE-SR).

To use Cisco’s 40G BiDi optical modules in place of existing 40G Ethernet modules , the same reach requirements as the existing modules must be achieved. Working with Cisco, Panduit determined that standard OM4 multimode fiber cannot meet Cisco’s 150m reach requirement.

The Panduit® Signature Core™ Fiber Optic Cabling System is the only multimode optical fiber that allows Cisco’s 40G BiDi module to be used out to 150m and completely replace existing 40GBASE-SR4 modules.

Benefits of the Panduit Signature Core™ Fiber Optic Cabling System and Cisco’s BiDi

  • Reach out to 150m – Covers 95% of datacenter’s links.
  • Save time – Using existing 10G Ethernet infrastructure saves installation time.
  • Save money – Using Signature Core multimode fiber and BiDi is far less expensive than deploying single mode fiber for 40G Ethernet.