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In an open office. On the go. From a contact center. Wherever your workplace happens to be, noise and distractions are all around. Find out how to create an effective noise management strategy that’s right for your business. Get the latest stats, studies and insights on how noise impacts employee productivity and the customer experience, and means to your bottom line.

2017 Plantronics Global Survey

In 2017, Plantronics surveyed 2,184 professionals from a variety of industries and seven different countries about the effects of noise in the workplace. Each employee worked in an open-space office of more than 500 employees, and worked from there at least once a week.

Manage Noise: A Strategic Guide

Find out about the implications of noise as they relate to where and how your employees work. Understand the most common workstyles of your teams and how to better manage noise for improved wellness and productivity. And discover the communication-based principles that inform a noise management strategy designed for your employees — wherever they work.

In the Open offices

The move to open-plan offices has ushered in a new era of improved collaboration and communication as well as huge cost-savings through reduced real estate overhead. But while businesses applaud the move, employees struggle with a new workplace reality that came as a result: noise.


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On The Go

Technology has transformed the workplace from the traditional office into just about any place where work can get done. Today, two-thirds of the North American and European workforce reported spending at least some time working outside a corporate office.

In The Contact Center

Every contact center is a hub of activity. Phones ringing, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) on calls, colleagues talking and supervisors training new employees. From this commotion comes a challenge that needs to be addressed: noise.


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