Crane and Mobile Equipment Cables

Crane and Mobile Equipment Cables by Prysmian

Crane and material handling equipment are constantly subject to heavy mechanical stresses, which impact their operational performance and service life. Prysmian crane products have been designed to provide reliability and maximum performance under extremely severe conditions.

Crane cables are used in every major port in the world. These ports have been relying on the longevity of these products for many years. The cables are manufactured in Germany in accordance with multinational standards such as UL, DIN VDE, IEC, MSHA and AS.


Prysmian Spreaderflex image
  • Multiconductor cable used in gravity feed collector baskets
  • Weighted beads are used in the construction in order to optimize torsional properties

Cordaflex (K)

Prysmian Cordaflex (K) image
  • Round festoon cable with power, control and shielded pairs
  • Used in reeling applications for horizontal payout and retrieve applications

Cordaflex (SM)

Prysmian Cordaflex (SM) image
  • Neoprene reeling cable available in power and control sizes
  • Excellent for demanding reeling applications including vertical reeling and stretch applications as well as sheave guided applications

Cordaflex (SM-RS)

Prysmian Cordaflex (SM-RS) image
  • Reinforced version of Cordaflex (SM) designed for the increased speed and tension experienced in reeling spreader applications




Prysmian Planoflex image
  • Neoprene-jacketed flat-festoon cable for use on festoons or in cable tracks
  • Available in power, control and shielded twisted-pair configurations


Prysmian Protolon image
  • Medium-voltage neoprene-jacketed reeling cable
  • Available with voltage ratings from 5 kV to 35 kV


Prysmian Optoflex image
  • Flexible fiber optic cable used on reels, festoons and cable track
  • Available in single- and multimode configurations up to 18 fibers



Crane and Mobile Equipment Applications

Crane Cables

Cylindrical Drum

Monospiral Reel


Energy Chain

Basket Spreader

Basket spreader cable

Round festoon cable

See 1

Low-voltage reeling cable

(SM)-RS Reeling spreader cable

Flat festoon cable

Fiber optic reeling and festoon cable

Medium-voltage reeling cable
5–35 kV

PROTOLON (SM-R) FO Medium-voltage reeling cable 5–15 kV with integrated fiber optics

  Not Suitable
1. Dedicated product: RONDOFLEX (CHAIN) cat. BU IS 3.0-2008(EN)