Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) is a global designer and manufacturer of cable, antenna and tower systems, as well as active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing total-package solutions for outdoor and indoor wireless infrastructure. RFS offers advanced engineering capabilities, superior field support, and expert technical assistance and training to provide scalable, flexible, future-proof and lightweight end-to-end solutions optimized across the entire RF chain.  Its customers currently include the four largest wireless carriers, the majority of tier 2 and 3 wireless carriers in North America and many of the top wireless and microwave OEMS worldwide.  

For more than 75 years, RFS has built their internationally recognized business though innovation and world-class customer service.  With eight manufacturing facilities worldwide as well as sales and technical support centers in 23 countries, RFS’ mission to deliver satisfaction to its customers while continuously improving its products is a goal each employee strives for In addition to outstanding customer service, RFS has always been a leader in their industry for introducing new ground-breaking products.  Dating back to 1961 and 1962, RFS invented the first ever corrugated elliptical waveguide (FLEXWELL®) and the first ever corrugated seam-welded coaxial cable (CELLFLEX®), respectively.  Ten years later RFS also invented the first smooth wall radiating coaxial cable (RADIAFLEX®).  A few of their most recent accomplishments, 2009 specifically, have been the development of the first ever hybrid feeder cabling solution for remote radio heads (HYBRIFLEX®), and the acceptance of an Emmy Award for pioneering work on adjacent channel combiners used in TV Broadcasting.    


    RFS presents HYBRIFLEX, its innovative, lightweight, cost-effective hybrid cabling solution for new RRH deployments and base station upgrades. A revolutionary RRH hybrid feeder cabling solution, which combines optical fiber and DC power in a single corrugated cable. An innovative use of materials to reduce tower load and maximize existing infrastructure investments, simplifying RRH deployments.

    RFS introduces the optimal confined coverage solution: the RADIAFLEX radiant cables. Manufactured all over the world and easy to install, RADIAFLEX cables increases coverage with less active equipment and ensures uniform signal distribution in a cost-effective solution.


The CELLFLEX and CELLFLEX Lite duo make up the largest corrugated transmission line portfolio on the wireless infrastructure industry.  The foam dielectric cables combine remarkable flexibility with high strength and superior electrical performance. 

CELLFLEX® and CELLFLEX® Lite Transmission Lines

Microwave Antenna Systems

RFS offers four types of microwave antennas, each one designed for a specific application in your network.  Together, our complete portfolio of microwave antennas can sustain your network all around the globe. 

RFS Microwave Antennas

High-performance indoor solutions

Passive distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions from RFS deliver all of the capabilities needed to give people better access to wireless services in buildings while meeting technical and financial requirements.  

RFW In-Building Solutions


Transportation communication solutions must enable continuous, high-quality communications across tunnels, complex in-building environments, and diverse outdoor terrains.  

RFS Solutions for Transportation

Our RADIAFLEX® cables encompass a unique broadband solution, ensuring the most future proof confined coverage installation.  

RADIAFLEX ® the Optimal confined-coverage solution