Pass Through Devices

Pass Through Devices

For new or existing cable applications, EZ-Path is the easy-to-install solution for penetrating fire-rated walls and floors. This low-leakage device remains fire and leakage safe whether empty or 100 percent visually filled. Cables can be added or changed without the need to remove and reinstall firestopping materials. The compact square design (available in two sizes) provides greater cable loading than a conventional sleeve. EZ-Path devices can be installed using available single-, double-, triple-, four- and seven-gang mounting plates for additional capacity, segregation of cables and cable management. EZ-Path installations offer UL Classified floor and wall systems for up to four hours. The device is safety orange and comes with wall labels for easy identification. From installation (empty) to 100 percent visual fill, it continuously remains firestopped and compliant.

EZ-Path Devices

Anixter No. Manufacturer No. Description
269611 EZDP33FWS EZ-Path Series 33 fire-rated device kit - includes one device (3 in. x 3 in. x 10.5 in.), one pair (2) single square wall plates and labels

272522 EZD33FWS EZ-Path Series 33 fire-rated device. Device (3 in. x 3 in. x 10.5 in.) and labels only. Does not include wall plates

269459 EZDP33WR EZ-Path Series 33 fire-rated device retrofit kit - includes one device (3 in. x 3 in. x 10.5 in.), one pair (2) retrofit wall plates and labels

280114 EZD22 EZ-Path Series 22 fire-rated device kit - includes one series 22 device (1.5 in. x 1.5 in. x 10.5 in.), one pair (2) wall plates and labels

301389 EZDP133FK EZ-Path Series 33 fire-rated device kit with single kick-in plate. For floor installations. Fits 4 in. core holes with no fasteners required

301390 EZDP233GK EZ-Path Series 33 two-gang fire-rated device kit - includes two EZ-Path Series 33 fire-rated devices, one pair (2) double wall plates and labels

301393 EZDP333GK EZ-Path Series 33 three-gang fire-rated device kit - includes three EZ-Path Series 33 fire-rated devices, one pair (2) triple wall plates and labels

301396 EZDP433GK EZ-Path Series 33 four-gang fire-rated device kit - includes four EZ-Path Series 33 fire-rated devices, one pair (2) four-gang wall plates and labels

301400 EZDP133CAK EZ-Path Series 33 conduit attachment fire-rated device kit - includes one EZ-Path fire-rated device, one pair (2) conduit attachment plates and labels

301398 EZDP733GK EZ-Path Series 33 seven-gang fire-rated device kit - includes seven EZ-Path fire-rated devices, one pair (2) seven-gang mounting plates and labels

EZDP133CWK EZ-Path Series 33 fire-rated device, kit with one pair (2) circular wall plates and labels

EZ-Path Accessories

Anixter No. Manufacturer No. Description
EZD33EE EZ-Path Series 33 extension module 6 in.
261823 EZP133W EZ-Path Series 33 single wall plates, one pair (2)
261824 EZP233W EZ-Path Series 33 double wall plates and labels, one pair (2)
261825 EZP333W EZ-Path Series 33 triple wall plates and labels, one pair (2)
261826 EZP133PC EZ-Path Series 33 positioning clamps, one pair (2). For use in new/existing cable installations using sealant
280116 EZP433W EZ-Path Series 33 four-gang mounting wall plates and labels, one pair (2)
280117 EZP733W EZ-Path Series 33 seven-gang mounting wall plates and labels, one pair (2)
280118 EZP133K EZ-Path Series 33 single kick-in plate (1). For use with floor applications
280119 EZP133R EZ-Path Series 33 retrofit mounting wall plates, one pair (2)
280120 RCM33 EZ-Path Series 33 radius control modules, one pair (2)
301405 EZP133CA EZ-Path Series 33 conduit attachment plates, one pair (2)
301406 EZP133CW EZ-Path Series 33 circular wall plates, one pair (2)
Pass Through Devices

The EZ-Path modular floor grid is the "bolt-in" solution for riser applications delivering safety and simplicity to vertical cable installations. The EZ-Path modular floor-grid system facilitates the installation of multiple high-volume, EZ-Path Series 44+ devices (pathways) through floors. The rugged, galvanized steel-grid frame assembles quickly and easily and is bolted over preformed openings in concrete floors. EZ-Path devices (pathways), in banks of four, form modules that easily install through slots provided in the grid. Grid sizes are available to accommodate one (1), two (2) or four (4) modules. All grid sizes may be purchased as complete kits including device (pathway) modules. Multislot grids may be purchased with blank firestop filler panels allowing modules to be purchased separately and installed at a later date as needed. (Note: Anchor fasteners are required to secure grid frame to floor and must be purchased separately. 3/16 in. x 1 1/4 in. concrete screws are recommended).


  • Handles literally thousands of cables
  • No firestopping required: always firestopped
  • Self-contained firestop system
  • Automatically adjusts to cable loads
  • Easy moves, adds and changes
  • UL Classified up to four hours
  • Three floor-grid kits available or purchase components individually

Fire-rated Floor-grid Kit

Anixter No. Manufacturer No. Description
441081 EZDG4445 Single-bank - includes four devices, hanger brackets, one floor-grid frame and labels
441083 EZDG8445 Multibank - includes eight devices, hanger brackets, one multi-slot floor-grid frame and labels
441078 EZDG16445 Multibank - includes 16 devices, hanger brackets, one multislot floor-grid frame and labels

Fire-rated Floor-grid Frame: Does not include devices

Anixter No. Manufacturer No. Description
441085 EZG444 Single-bank with one firestop filler panel
347065 EZG844 Multibank with two firestop filler panels
347067 EZ61644 Multibank with four firestop filler panels


Anixter No. Manufacturer No. Description
441074 EZD444MBS Fire-rated single-bank of devices - includes four devices, hanger brackets and labels (does not include floor-grid frame)
441086 EZG444CP Splice plate kit for joining multiple single-bank grids (EZDG444S) together
441087 EZP444MP Hanger bracket for a single bank of devices, one pair (2)
Pass Through Devices

For a single cable or small multicable bundles penetrating through one- and two-hour fire-rated gypsum board walls, eliminating sleeves, sealant and putty. Ready Firestop Grommets make membrane and through-penetrations through rated gypsum board walls a snap. Just drill a hole, run your cable(s), snap the grommet around the cable(s) and press it into the wall. Use a single grommet for single-sided (membrane) penetrations or drill a hole through both sides of the wall and install grommets back-to-back for through-penetrations.

The Ready Firestop Grommet is available in two sizes: RFG1 for a cable or bundle of cables up to 0.27 in (7 mm) OD or RFG2 for up to 0.53 in (14 mm) OD. The grommet is molded from a premium-grade plenum-rated polymer. A soft foam inner core conforms to the cable(s) to form a tight seal. The cable(s) is smoke-sealed and firestopped in just minutes with no sleeve and no sealant or putty required!


  • Quick to install - two-piece grommet snaps together for an easy installation
  • Economical - eliminates sleeves and the need for putty or sealant
  • Split design - can be used with previously installed cables
  • Made with Ultem premium, plenum-grade material - exceptional flame and heat resistance
  • 10-pack of two-piece split cable grommet
Anixter No. Manufacturer No. Description
415355 RFG1 For cable penetration up to 0.27 in. (7 mm) OD

435113 RFG2 For cable penetration up to 0.53 in. (14 mm) OD