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Since its foundation in 1947, the STULZ company has evolved into one of the world’s leading system suppliers of air-conditioning technology for data centers. All over the world, air-conditioning systems made by STULZ are keeping sensitive information and communication technology cool. In data centers and mobile phone stations, they ensure maximum availability with minimum energy consumption.

STULZ stands for engineers who know their business and a sales team who knows about technology.
Products and services from STULZ embody a wealth of experience gathered from many thousands of projects.
STULZ employs 2,100 workers in Germany and across sixteen subsidiaries (in France, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Singapore, China, India, South Africa, Australia and the USA). Additionally, the company co-operates with sales and service partners in more than 120 other countries, and provides this way an international network of air-conditioning specialists. It has production plants in Germany, Italy, the USA, China and India.



Do you want cooling targeted exactly at the hotspot areas in your Data Centre? Airbooster Pro's manually adjustable air transfer grille is designed to just this type of pinpoint accuracy. The vanes are precisely positioned to target locations that require increased cooling. The concentrated air flow goes to work on the targeted areas, reducing overall hot spot problems by also ensuring an adequate supply of cold air is supplied to other areas. In short, the right climate is therefore provided exactly where it's needed most - and without complicated installations and enclosures.

  • Suitable for Data Centres with raised floors
  • Suited to cooling localised HD zones
  • Airflow  up to 2500 m3/h
  • EC Fans

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CyberRow is the innovative air-conditioning system in which the air conduction takes a whole new direction - horizontal. The individual units are positioned right in the server room between the racks, improving air conduction. This is what the CyberRow offers:

  • Three sizes:

Size 1: 1,950 x 300 x 1,220 (H x W X D)

Size 2: 1,950 x 400 x 1,175 (H x W X D)

Size 3: 1,950 x 300 x 1,175 (H x W X D)

  • Up to 5 speed-controlled EC fans, which can be controlled independently of each other for optimum adaptation to different return air and supply air temperature.
  • EC compressor (only for DX and GE units
  • Front and back maintenance access

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  • Maximum cooling performance with minimum floor space
  • Air-cooled, water/glycol-cooled and chilled water versions available
  • Units as downflow and upflow versions
  • Simple installation and maintenance through doors on the front
  • Air filtering with filter class EU 4
  • Steplessly adjustable EC fan
  • C7000 IO controller for controlling and monitoring the air-conditioning system
  • Automatic switchover to redundant standby units in the event of problems
  • Modbus preinstalled
  • Continual recording of measured values
  • Options

C7000 Advanced user interface with LCD graphic display, RS485 interface and other preinstalled data protocols for linking to building services management systems

Communication via SNMP/HTTP IP protocol


R134a high-temperature refrigerant 

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