Talk a phone

Talkaphone is the industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of security and life safety communication products and solutions for customers all over the world. Known for the best quality, technology and solution for every need and budget, Talkaphone is committed to being the best to work with.


Leading Through Continuous Innovation

Talkaphone has been in business more than 75 years. They originally made their name supplying mission-critical communication equipment to the military and defense industry. Since then, they have grown and thrived through continuous innovation, becoming the leaders in safety and security communication as their customers’ needs have evolved.

More Than Manufacturers. Experts.

Working with Talkaphone gives you access to highly experienced sales and engineering professionals, experts who apply industry-leading knowledge and capabilities to guide development of a highly effective, 100% successful solution.

Talkaphone Means Commitment

Talkaphone is totally committed to those they work with, whether it’s a consultant, an integrator, a distributor or an end-user. That means they focus on understanding the unique equation that defines value for each and delivering it. It means they do whatever it takes to support project success, even when there are challenges, even well after the sale. That’s true commitment.