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024E88-33131-A3 | CORNING

CORNING | 024E88-33131-A3 | MIC Tight-Buffered, Interlocking Armored Cable, Plenum, 24 fiber, Single-mode (OS2)

  • Manufacturer # 024E88-33131-A3
  • Anixter #370-407-ARMORMIC-24
Armored: YES
Cable O.D. (in.): 0.56
Cable O.D. (mm): 14.3
Fiber Count: 24
Fire Rating: PLENUM
Max. Tensile Load Installation (lb.): 150
Max. Tensile Load Installation N: 660
Max. Tensile Load Long Term. (lb.): 45
Max. Tensile Load Long Term. N: 200
Min. Bend Radius Installation (cm): 21.5
Min. Bend Radius Installation (in.): 8.5
Min. Bend Radius Long Term (cm): 14.3
Min. Bend Radius Long Term (in.): 5.6
No. of Fibers: 24

Corning Cable Systems MIC Interlocking Armored Plenum Cables are designed for use in plenum, riser and general purpose environments for intrabuilding backbone and horizontal installations. These multifiber cables use individually jacketed TBII Buffer ed Fibers enabling easy, consistent stripping and facilitating termination. The fibers are grouped into jacketed subunits and surrounded by a dielectric central member.
The core is protected by a flexible, spirally wrapped, aluminum interlocking armor that offers easy, one-step installation and over seven times the crush protection of unarmored cables. With a flame-retardant outer jacket, this cable is particularly useful for heavy traffic or more challenging mechanical exposure conditions and appli cations requiring extra rugged cables.
This cable is available in 12 different jacket colors - blue, orange, green, brown, slate, white, red, black, yellow, purple, rose and aqua. The colored jacket allows for easy visual identification of the cables.

  • Flexible, interlocking armor design; Seven times crush protection compared to unarmored cables
  • TBII Buffered Fibers; Easy, consistent stripping
  • Flame-retardant jacket; Rugged and durable

General Purpose Horizontal, Vertical Riser, Plenum

  • Cable Type: Tight-Buffered
  • Environment: Indoor
  • Fiber Category: Single-mode (OS2)
  • Flame Rating: Plenum (OFCP)
  • Product Type: Interlocking armor
  • Central Element: Yarn
  • Fiber Count (cable): 24
  • Inner Jacket Material: Flame-retardant
  • Number of Ripcords: 2
  • Outer Jacket Color: Yellow
  • Outer Jacket Material: Flame-retardant
  • Tensile Strength Elements and/or Armoring - Layer 1: Dielectric strength members
  • Tensile Strength Elements and/or Armoring - Layer 2: Dielectric strength members
  • Tensile Strength Elements and/or Armoring - Layer 3: Interlocking armor
  • Tight Buffer Color, Layer 2: Violet, Rose, Aqua, Blue*, Orange*, Green*, Brown*, Slate*, White*, Red*, Black*, Yellow*, Violet*, Rose*, Aqua*
  • Tight Buffer Color: Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate, White, Red, Black, Yellow
  • Max. Tensile Strengths, Long-Term (Metric): 200 N
  • Max. Tensile Strengths, Long-Term (US): 45 lbf
  • Max. Tensile Strengths, Short-Term (Metric): 660 N
  • Max. Tensile Strengths, Short-Term (US): 150 lbf
  • Min. Bend Radius Installation (Metric): 215 mm
  • Min. Bend Radius Installation (US): 8.5 in
  • Min. Bend Radius Operation (Metric): 143 mm
  • Min. Bend Radius Operation (US): 5.6 in
  • Nominal Inner Cable Diameter (Metric): 7.8 mm
  • Nominal Inner Cable Diameter (US): 0.31 in
  • Nominal Outer Diameter (Metric-mm): 14.3 mm
  • Nominal Outer Diameter (US): 0.56 in
  • Weight (cable) (Metric): 197 kg/km
  • Weight (cable) (US): 136 lb/1000 ft
  • Temperature - Installation (Metric): 0 C to 60 C
  • Temperature - Installation (US): 32 F to 140 F
  • Temperature - Operation (Metric): 0 C to 70 C
  • Temperature - Operation (US): 32 F to 158 F
  • Temperature - Storage (Metric): -40 C to 70 C
  • Temperature - Storage (US): -40 F to 158 F
Tech. Info & Standards

Approval and Listings: National Electrical Code (NEC) OFCP, CSA FT-6, ICEA S-83-596; Flame Resistance: NFPA 262 (for plenum, riser and general building applications)

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