COMMSCOPE SYSTIMAX SOLUTIONS | 3603D-1U-144LC-TS-DP | SYSTIMAX 360 Ultra High Density Teraspeed Splicing Shelf, 1U

  • Manufacturer # 3603D-1U-144LC-TS-DP | 760149054
  • Anixter #437457

This part is discontinued by supplier. Please see Systimax EHD product line for suggested replacement.

Developed by CommScope Labs, the SYSTIMAX 360 UHD fiber optic solution is designed to support high density data center applications, such as SAN network areas. Available in LazrSPEED and TeraSPEED, the SYSTIMAX 360 UHD data center network fiber solution supports today's most demanding applications, while allowing fast deployment and an easy migration to the next generation technology. The SYSTI MAX 360 Ultra High Density Solution includes:
SYSTIMAX 360 Ultra High Density Shelf and Modules
SYSTIMAX InstaPATCH 360 Modular Panels* - 1U and 4U
SYSTIMAX InstaPATCH 360 Pre-Terminated Trunk Cables
SYSTIMAX InstaPATCH 360 Ruggedized Fanout Cabs
SYSTIMAX InstaPATCH 360 Array Cords
SYSTIMAX Fiber Optic Patch Cords

  • 50% increase in usable density
  • Available in LazrSPEED and TeraSPEED to support high performance applications
  • Same footprint with duplex LC and MPO connections for simple migration from 10G serial to 40/100G parallel transmission
  • 1U enhanced cable management features in a 1U footprint include individual fiber management trough per module and removable fiber cord management sleeve to prevent fiber pinching and tangling during MAC activity
  • Each 1U shelf accommodates up to three InstaPATCH 360 LC modules for 144 fiber connections; or up to three MPO pass through modules for 864 fiber connections
  • Modular design provides design flexibility and allows for a pay as you grow approach
  • Allows for rack consolidation increasing space savings in densely populated network areas such as data center SAN environment
  • Low Loss factory-terminated and tested module supports rapid deployment and uses OM4 fiber for extended distances or high bandwidth needs
  • Supports up to (432) 10GbE, (72) 40GbE connections, or (36) 100GbE channels
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