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NETSCOUT | LSPRNTR-HOLSTER | Belt Attachable Holster For One LinkSprinter, Includes Short Patch Cable & Business Card Holder

  • Manufacturer # LSPRNTR-HOLSTER
  • Anixter #897848
Type: DATA

The LinkSprinter network tester provides network connectivity troubleshooting and identifies error problem domain in less than 10 seconds. Automated reporting to the included Link-Live Cloud Service ensures network connectivity status and path informat ion is documented for every link.

Five essential network tests in the palm of your hand:
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Tester
This network tester can become a PoE tester that checks to make sure you can power a phone, security camera or Access Point thugh a specific port. The LinkSprinter Network Tester can even run without batteries on PoE.

Link to the Switch
Perform a switch test, which indicates switch name, model, slot, port and VLAN you are connected to using CDP/LLDP/EDP. Know your availablespeed and duplex settings.

DHCP Connection
Confirm that the DHCP server is running and responsive. Request an IP address, get your subnet information, troubleshooting DNS, and identify the default gateway and DNS server.

Gateway Connection
Verify gateway/router address and reachability by pinging the device.

Internet Connection
Confirm cloud connectivity or internal service reachability. Verify DNS server lookup and application port connectivity.

Link-Live Cloud Service
Link-Live Cloud Sce is a centralized management, collaboration and archival dashboard for network connectivity test results from LinkSprinter, LinkRunner AT and the AirCheck G2 handheld network testers. Results are automatically sent to Link-Live, providing organizatio ns with the ability to quickly and easily document the network, provide proof of performance and better manage jobs and staff efficiency. Reply to email messages with comments or pictures to capture notes as technicians work. This service is complement ary with the purchase of any LinkSprinter, LinkRunner AT, or the AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester.

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