COMMSCOPE ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS | SVA158PRS | Subscriber Amplifier, 15 dB, eight ports

  • Manufacturer # SVA158PRS
  • Anixter #472674

HomeConnect is a complete family of technically advanced RF connectivity residential solutions. Our amplifiers, splitters, taps, grounding products, drop cables and locking terminators - just to name a few - are manufactured to ISO manufacturing stand ards and meet or exceed SCTE standards. These high-quality products are specifically designed for the challenges operators face when connecting a home. Plus, they're engineered to deliver consistent, reliable performance, even in the toughest environme nts.

This part is discontinued by supplier with no suggested replacement.

  • Premium end-to-end RF system solutions
  • High-quality subscriber drop solutions
  • Exceptional drop cable solutions
  • Sophisticated noise reduction solutions

For Indoor And Outdoor Use

  • Item: SubscriberAmplifier
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 60 deg C (-40 to 140 deg F)
  • Operating Frequency Band: 5 - 42 MHz (Rx), 53 - 1002 MHz (Tx)
  • Insertion Loss: 11.50 dB (Rx, Maximum)
  • Flatness: +/-1.0 dB
  • Return Loss: 20 dB (Minimum)
  • Gain: 2.50 dB (Tx)
  • Noise Figure: 5.00 dB (Tx) Maximum
  • Isolation At Frequency Band: 25.0 dB At 5 - 1002 MHz (Output To Output, Minimum), 55.0 dB At 5 - 1002 MHz (Power Port To RF Output, Minimum)
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Operating Current At Voltage: 200 mA At 12 Volt DC
  • Distortion Performance: 75 -dBc (Relative To Carrier) CTB Minimum; 62 -dBc (Relative To Carrier) CSO Minimum; 75 -dB X-Mod Minimum; 70 -dBc (Relative To Carrier) CCN Minimum
  • Hum Modulation: -75 dB (Minimum)
  • Group Delay: 30 ns (Reverse) Maximum, 30 ns (Channel 2 - 4) Maximum, 5 ns (Channel 5 - 6) Maximum
  • Shielding Effectiveness: 100 dB (Minimum)
  • Surge Capability Waveform: 1.2/50 Voltage And 8/20 Current Combination Waveform, 100 kHz Ring Wave Waveform
  • Video Ports Quantity: 8
  • Includes: SVAPA12V200 Power Adapter For Subscriber Amplifiers, AC/DC, 12 Volt, 200 mA
Tech. Info & Standards

RoHS 2011/65/EU: Compliant; ISO 9001:2008: Designed, Manufactured and/or Distributed Under This Quality Management System; Safety Standard: CE, SCTE; Surge Capability Test Method: ANSI/SCTE 81, IEEE C62.41-A3 (6 Kilo-Volt, 200 Amp, Ring Wave) on All Ports, IEEE C62.41-B3 (6 Kilo-Volt, 3000 Amp, Combination Wave) on Input Port; Video Standard: NTSC

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