Amteck Meets Tight Cable Installation Deadline With Anixter’s Enhanced PARASPIN

Amteck, an electrical contractor, was working on a new manufacturing facility near Columbia, South Carolina, and needed to install a million dollars’ worth of cable in just 45 days. Amteck had worked with Anixter in the past and was procuring all the cable for the project from Anixter. They knew about the deployment solutions Anixter offered to help speed cable installation, so they reached out to their Anixter rep to help devise a solution.



Amteck, an electrical contractor


Needed to install a million dollars’ worth of cable in 45 days

Anixter Solutions


  • Reduced pulling crew from six people to two people
  • Installed all cable within the 45-day deadline
  • Cut costs by reducing installation time and labor

Amteck Meets Tight Cable Installation Deadline with Anixter’s Enhanced PARASPIN [2:52]

Implementing Anixter’s Deployment Solutions

Anixter experts met with the project manager and the vice president of construction and came up with a solution which allowed the cable to be pulled directly from flatbed trucks using Anixter’s Enhanced PARASPIN reels. PARASPIN reels have five independently spinning chambers that allow cables of different diameters to be pulled simultaneously. Pulling cable with PARASPIN is also easier and faster due to the free spinning chambers that reduce the tension on the wire when being pulled.

Since Anixter’s PARASPIN comes on its own cable caddy, set up is easy and Amteck had the option to take the reels off the flatbed at the end of the day in case they were not able to finish the pull that day. They could then finish pulling the cables the next day or in a few weeks. If a pull was not completed by the end of the day, the Anixter team could then make adjustments for the next day's pulls by reducing the number of PARASPIN reels delivered the next day or pushing out the deliveries a day or two. This gave Amteck a lot of flexibility and reduced the risk of additional charges, as Anixter does not charge daily rental fees or deposits.

Anixter delivered PARASPIN reels on dedicated flatbed trucks with each circuit length cut to length and pulling eyes attached. The reels were positioned in front of the pull positions, allowing the cable to be pulled without the labor and potential injury of unloading the reels. Pre-installed pulling eyes with staggered lanyards reduce the need to skin the cable and install eyes on site. The lanyards are simply attached to the tugger rope, and the pull is ready.

Saving Time and Money

With the Enhanced PARASPINs, Amteck soon realized they could reduce the pull crew from six to two people, resulting in great labor savings. Pulling 32,000 feet of cable was originally estimated to take a full week, but as a result of Anixter’s deployment solutions, the crew was able to do it in just 17 hours with a reduced pull crew and no injuries. Not only did this keep the project on schedule and save valuable hours, but it also reduced the cost of labor as Amteck got the job done in less time with a smaller crew.


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