Fintech Company Meets Five-day Deadline to Deploy New Data Center With Anixter’s Installation Enhancement and Project Deployment Services

Financial Case Study



Data center integrator and financial technology company


Complete a 20-cabinet data center build in five days







  • The integrator met the very aggressive deadline and pleased their customer
  • The end user was able to go to market faster
  • The number of people onsite was reduced to comply with COVID-19 regulations
  • Freight costs and packaging waste were minimized

Customer Challenge

A global financial technology company tasked their data center integrator and Anixter with a complete 20-cabinet data build out in Sweden, including cabinets, racks, switches, power and network infrastructure, and just five days’ access to the white space to complete the installation. In addition to the tough timeline and labor limits due to COVID-19 regulations, all involved had to adhere to the company’s 60-page installation guide to meet their global data center standards, as well as manage $2.5 million of customer-owned server and switch products.


The integrator and the fintech company turned to Anixter and our Supply Chain Solutions for help. We were able to adapt processes to meet the changing needs of the project with the supply chain team coordinating with sales, inventory, credit control and operations, and providing Installation Enhancement and Project Deployment Services critical to delivering the installation on time. These services included pre-provisioning materials ahead of the PO to reduce lead times, preassembling racks, serial number capture and logging for DCIM, labeling of the customer-owned server and switch products, and DOA testing. We were able to deliver everything to the site in one day, so the integrator had everything they needed to complete the installation.


The tight deadline was met, helping the fintech company go to market faster in Sweden. This was largely due to the preassembly services in our warehouse facility, where our team was able to maintain safe distances that could not have been achieved if assembling onsite within the time frame. This ultimately enabled the installer to complete the job faster, while reducing the number of people at the jobsite to meet safety guidelines. Whole order delivery also minimized the number of people onsite and overall contact points for the installation while reducing dimensional freight costs and minimizing packaging waste at the site, which can contribute to the building’s LEED certification, as well as save time and labor costs.