Material Management Streamlines Port Terminal Expansion

Material Management Streamlines Port Terminal Expansion



One of the largest marine terminal operators in Dubai 


  • Communications network to monitor port operations


  • Supply Chain Services 
  • eAnixter


  • Allowed the integrator to be more efficient and focus on core competency of installing the cabling infrastructure
  • Created predictable deployment schedule for on-time completion of Terminal 2 expansion
  • Streamlined material management at the job site
  • Helped facilitate the deployment of a fully compatible IP solution

Customer Challenge

A major operator of marine ports wanted to expand its container handling operations at the flagship port with the creation of a new container port. When completed, the new state-of-theart, seven-berth Terminal 2 container port will offer superior service and handling facilities. As part of this expansion, the company wanted to deploy an integrated network infrastructure to provide accurate and efficient coordination of port operations. The communications infrastructure consisted of a redundant optical network that connects more than 280 lampposts distributed equally throughout the entire port. The lampposts are equipped with wireless access points and IP-based video surveillance cameras that allow operators to accurately monitor and track cargo. Making sure that all connectivity and technology to the lampposts were installed on time and on budget as the terminal was under construction posed a unique challenge to the company’s project team. The end user and local network integrator evaluated the installation process and realised they would require a solution that would minimise the deployment time while providing greater purchasing control and visibility into the supply chain. They turned to Anixter for assistance. Upon reviewing the situation and inherent challenges, Anixter recommended using its deployment services to lower the cost of deployment, minimise installation time and confirm that product specifications were delivered as needed.

Program Scope

The network integrator deployed the project in two phases. The first phase called for the installation of redundant fibre optic connectivity to 161 lampposts and the second phase to 120. At the base of each lamppost, a distribution enclosure housed the incoming fibre optic cables, a fibre termination plate, a media converter and a copper patch panel. The integrator needed to install and terminate the fibre backbone cabling to the media converter and then install and connect the copper cabling to the wireless access point and surveillance cameras on the top ring of the lampposts. The optical fibre cabling was then linked to redundant substations, which in turn linked to the new, state-of-the-art terminal operations data centre

Anixter Solution

During the evaluation, Anixter found that the end-user was storing the products at a central location on the job site, which required the integrator to physically count and carry each item from the inventory to the lamppost. This greatly delayed the deployment of the project, adding additional costs and time. The integrator needed a streamlined deployment process that put the materials closest to their point of use. As part of the deployment services offering, Anixter recommended its kitting services offering, which bundles all the components needed to complete a single lamppost installation delivered as one part number in one shipment. Anixter delivered the kits to the job site in four staggered shipments, with each shipment having 30 kits. Each kit was then delivered exactly to the lamppost that was to be installed. These systematic deliveries were mapped precisely to the integrator’s build-out schedule. To further support the need for real-time supply chain information to improve efficiency, streamline purchasing and deliver cost savings, Anixter supplied the customer with an e-commerce solution (eAnixter) that provides a variety of presales, ordering and post-sales functions. eAnixter helped to increase the transparency of the supply chain by providing a clear view into Anixter’s distribution network. With eAnixter and kitting, the end user received single part number invoicing with less paperwork and the integrator received a ready-to-install solution delivered directly to the job site. 

Project Results

With the help of Anixter’s technical expertise and supply chain capabilities, the company received a fully compatible IP solution that allowed the Terminal 2 expansion to proceed as planned, on time and on budget. According to the project IT technician, “The experience with Anixter and their kitting services met our expectations. Working with Anixter was a positive experience,” he said. “The project management provided by Anixter was good from the initial concept through the quality management. Anixter confirmed everything was properly labeled and that best practices were followed.” With the predictable deployment schedule provided by Anixter’s kitting services offering, the enduser and network integrator had complete confidence that the right material would get to the job site when and how it was needed. Because all the components for the lampposts were delivered as one part number, there were fewer items on site to manage, minimising costly paperwork and unproductive labour hours. For the integrator, this presented greater opportunities to focus solely on the installation and not worry about material management challenges at the job site.

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