Cost Saving Synchronized Deployment Strategies


A privately owned company specializing in medical software was rapidly expanding its customer base, and as a result, needed to hire more employees to help meet demand. To alleviate crowding and prepare for future growth, the company purchased 500 acres of land to build a campus environment with 10 total office buildings.

Faced with pressures to maintain support for its current offerings while growing market share, the company had to meet tight deadlines with the construction of the new office campus.


Medical software company.


  • Deploy network and wireless infrastructure for a 500-acre, 10-building, 4000-employee campus on a tight deadline.


  • Streamlined deployment with fewer returns and urgent orders.
  • Deadlines were met and costs reduced.


The company needed a supply partner that could carefully match product deployments to the build schedule, while streamlining the points of contact throughout the supply chain.

Wesco Anixter looked at the overall project and found several places where we could create supply chain and technical efficiencies in a cost-effective way:

  • Consolidate suppliers, creating a one-stop shop for the company.
  • Reduce overall spend by leveraging larger volumes.
  • Discuss differences in Category 5e and 6 cabling at Wesco Anixter’s Innovation Center.
  • Compare OM3 and OM4 fiber specifications.
  • Palletize shipments by floor and deliver all materials in one shipment.


Due to Wesco Anixter’s supply chain services, the contractor estimated savings of $9,750 in unproductive labor for just one phase of the project. Our solutions helped to minimize waste and returns, as well as minimize the hours spent unpacking orders and determining installation locations.

Through this streamlining, the integrator knew where the products needed to be installed and could do it quickly. This methodical process provided for easy scheduling and allowed the end user and integrator to meet deadlines.