Linecards by Solution

From professional A/V to video surveillance, Anixter’s SOLUTIONS Linecards provide an easy reference guide to end-to-end solutions and components.

Data Center Solutions
Wireless and Building Technologies
  • Passive Optical Networks (PON)

    From fiber hardware to category cable, learn how our passive optical network solutions can support your technology needs. Quick-reference PON information.

  • Outdoor Macro

    Discover outdoor solutions for carrier-defined networks that can help you manage upgrades for new spectrum and technologies. Learn more.

  • Broadband and Microwave

    Review the latest broadband and microwave technologies to meet growing demands, including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh and ancillary products.

  • Public Safety DAS

    Learn about tailored public safety distributed antenna systems (DAS) that can be designed and scaled to meet the needs of any location.

  • Small Cell

    Access our complete portfolio of carrier-grade products, ready for fast and efficient in-building wireless network deployment to meet your coverage needs.

  • Wi-Fi

    Plan for and manage future wireless demands placed on your Wi-Fi network with scalable network plans and robust technologies. Learn more.

  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

    Overcome wireless concerns such as coverage and capacity with the right system (DAS) products and correct placement within your building.

  • In Building Wireless Solutions

    IBW solutions offer integrators reliable access to best-in-class manufacturers, leading products and technologies, and a massive distribution network that puts products closest to their point of use.

  • Professional A/V

    Review products that can help you provide dynamic, professional audio/visual experiences for many environments such as retail, offices, stadiums and more.

  • Covert Surveillance

    For public safety solutions that require discretion, explore our covert products and systems that provide versatile options to meet your public safety needs.

  • Physical Security

    Find out the latest solutions for the physical security.

  • Storage, Servers, Workstations for Security Applications

    From public safety to video management software, discover products and manufacturers that can create video surveillance solutions to meet your specific needs.

  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure-Utilities

    Discover the expert utility security applications we offer to help you protect and monitor critical infrastructures to safeguard from breach and downtime.

  • Overt Surveillance

    Explore our highly-visible, overt public safety solutions - designed to deter criminal activity and provide peace of mind to communities.

  • Video Surveillance

    From public safety to video management software, discover products and manufacturers that can create video surveillance solutions to meet your specific needs.

Security - Access Control
  • Access Control

    From locking hardware to IP-based systems, explore the latest solutions for a full access control system.

  • Retail Solutions Big Box

    When it comes to access control, big box stores need the latest physical security solutions to address multiple challenges. Explore the latest products and technologies needed in a large retail environment.

  • Retail Solution Grocery

    Access control solutions for grocery stores run from the perimeter to the warehouse to cash management. Explore the latest products and technologies available for this industry.

  • Retail Solutions Fast Food

    Explore the latest access control solutions for convenience stores and small restaurants.

  • Retail Solutions Convenience Store

    From cash management to perimeter security, discover the latest access control solutions for convenience stores.

Security - Fire and Intrusion
Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Services for Contractors and Integrators

    Remaining competitive, managing labor costs and maintaining profitability while keeping up with the demands of your customers is the priority for many contractors and integrators. Our Supply Chain Solutions can help you save time, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and mitigate risk for your business.

  • Supply Chain Services

    From sourcing to global logistics, discover how our five core supply chain areas can help you streamline process to save time, reduce costs, increase efficiency and mitigate risk.

Railway Solutions
  • Railway Solutions

    Anixter understands the complexities involved in the deployment of multisite rail projects. Our assistance solutions improve project safety and velocity so projects get completed on time and under budget.