What is the Internet of Things?

Connecting Things Together With Software

What is it?

IoT connects devices together with intelligent software so they can communicate together to make our lives easier. The IEEE 802.24.2 group is working to define specific standards for IoT under a range of areas, from car-to-car to security, industrial and more. Learn about IoT and what the future holds.

Lights as Sensors

The transition from incandescent lighting to integrated LED technologies is driving IoT-enabled systems. Learn how new lighting technology embeds intelligence, networking and sensors to capture data, communicate with other building subsystems and create complete systems.

Data Centers

More and more IoT devices are being used for data center infrastructure management—from sensors that control lighting to ones the capture environmental data. See how as technologies improve these devices will get smaller, more energy efficient and more prevalent in the data center

Camera as Sensors

Camera evolution has allowed the collection of information that wasn’t possible 50 years ago. See how the increased use of analytics allows cameras to be used in other ways beyond capturing video data.

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