ANSI/TIA-1005 standard for industrial buildings telecoms infrastructure

The ANSI/TIA-1005-A standard aids the planning and installation of telecommunications cabling infrastructure within and between industrial buildings. In contrast to the ANSI/TIA-568-C series of wiring standards, which addresses commercial buildings, the central concept of this standard is the potential exposure to hostile environments in the industrial space. A prime design principle of this document is the special cabling system requirements for industrial operations.

Expected Usefulness

  • This standard is useful for those responsible for designing a telecommunications infrastructure to meet the requirements of an industrial environment.
  • A working knowledge of this standard may prove beneficial in understanding problems associated with the unique aspects of industrial environments and applications.

The Standard’s Specifics

  • Definition of structured cabling for commercial networks
  • Definition of structured cabling for industrial networks
  • The ANSI/TIA-1005-A standard structure
  • Industrial area concepts 
  • Recognized cables
  • Recognized connectivity
  • The automation outlet (here the generic telecommunications cabling ends and the automation-specific cabling begins)
  • Two-pair cabling
  • Multiconnect or Ethernet channels
  • MICE (mechanical, ingress, climate/chemical, electromechanical conditions)

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