Is Your Infrastructure Ready for 5G Wireless?

Clay Kobernick, supplier relations manager at Anixter, discusses the status of 5G wireless and why your building needs to be 5G-ready.

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Transcript: Is Your Infrastructure Ready for 5G Wireless?

Hi, I’m Clay Kobernick.

Remember when 4G became the new standard for mobile communication? Nearly 10 years later, many networks have just reached the connection speeds required by the 4G standard.

Given how long it took to achieve true 4G, it may seem premature to think about building a 5G-ready network. But here’s why you should:

5G is being described as revolutionary for society. It’s expected to support the Internet of Things, with many potential applications in the commercial and industrial sectors. For example, within a smart building, 5G has the potential to enable connectivity and data collection. Within a smart hospital, 5G could be used to monitor patients and provide instant feedback to staff. Factories with 5G could support real-time process automation and machine-to-machine communications.

Telecommunications standards organizations are still discussing the details of the 5G standard, but it’s expected to allow faster speeds as well as lower latency. Deployment likely will not begin until 2020, with mass deployment starting in 2022 at the earliest.

Currently, 4G uses outdoor macro with DAS antennas throughout the building. 5G will have the capability to function at a much higher frequency than 4G, so more antennas may be required to achieve the same coverage with 5G.

On the wireline side, a fiber network will be necessary to achieve true 5G speeds. If you’re laying the groundwork for a smart building, investing now in the infrastructure to support 5G will save you the cost and hassle of upgrading in a few years. With the Internet of Things rapidly expanding, 5G will be a must for any modern building or facility.

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