Knowledge Drop for Lock-down Technology

Matt Powers, Vice President of Technology Marketing at Anixter, talks about campus lock-down technology.

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Lock-down Technology Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Matt Powers, Vice President of Technology Marketing at Anixter. I’m here today to discuss a system that I hope you will never need, campus lock-down technology.

Locking down a campus can be a complicated issue because there are a number of different levels of access control deployed around a campus. For instance, doors that use keys for access control are handled differently than doors with a full featured electronic access control system.

In order to provide lock-down capabilities on doors with keyed access, a specialized lock with a keyhole on both sides of the door is needed so it can be locked down from the safe side of the door.

Another option is to lock-down doors with an electronic access control system that is self-contained, not connected to a network. A battery-powered lock can be installed that allows for remote, local lock down with a wireless button or key fob from inside the room. They are configurable so you can have multiple fobs for one room or multiple rooms per fob.

For your doors with fully networked and connected electronic access control systems, there are many options for lockdown. One option is battery-powered locks that are connected to an access control system with an encrypted wireless gateway. The gateways are strategically located to communicate with several locks and are hardwired to a networked access control system.

Another option is for a server initiated command to be sent out to lock down individual doors, groups of doors or globally all doors. For a server-based type of lock down, the server and the controllers must be online. If they are offline, they cannot receive a lockdown command.

The last option for fully connected electronic access control doors is peer-to-peer hardwired global lockdown. A server initiated command or a command at an individual reader is sent out to lock down individual doors, groups of doors or globally all doors.

This is a very high-level look at some options for campus lockdown. For more detailed information on how to lockdown your own facility, contact your local Anixter sales representative.