Knowledge Drop for ONVIF Profiles

Matt Powers, Vice President of Global Technology Solutions for Anixter, talks about ONVIF Profiles. A simple concept that allows users to easily identify specific interoperable feature by profile.

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ONVIF Profiles Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Matt Powers, Vice President of Global Technology Solutions. Imagine you’ve been given a jigsaw puzzle to put together except that in this case the puzzle has no corners and no edges. That would make it much more difficult to put together.

That’s the challenge security integrators had to deal with when choosing products that were ONVIF compliant. Which camera fits with which VMS system and which features were supported? Also how do ONVIF compliant access control products build open architectures? You really had to dive into the specifics of the core specification to make sure all the parts of your physical security system would work together.

ONVIF introduced the concept of Profiles to make all of our physical security puzzle building much easier. The Profiles concept is simple and allows users to easily identify specific interoperable features by profile.

For example, Profile S focuses on IP-based video systems. When you use a Profile S device (such as a IP camera) and client (such as a network video recorder), you know which mandatory video and audio streaming, pan-tilt-zoom control and relay output and video configuration and multicast features will work. You can also quickly verify all conditional features based on the products used.

Profile C focuses on IP-based access control features such as site information and configuration, event and alarm management and door access control.

Being built right now is Profile G. Profile G will extend the scope of Profile S for IP video and focus on edge storage and retrieval. The supported features of Profile G are configure, request and control recording from conformant devices and Receive audio & metadata stream.

With ONVIF Profiles, all of your security puzzle pieces become corner pieces and building the full system just got that much easier.

For a detailed look at ONVIF Profiles you can view the Profile Policy and specifications on

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