Video Analytics for Business Intelligence

Alissa Boleky, director of marketing and business development at Anixter, shares examples of how your surveillance system's video analytics can yield business intelligence and provide a return on investment beyond physical security.

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Transcript: Video Analytics for Business Intelligence

Hi, I’m Alissa Boleky.

Upgrading a video surveillance system is a major capital expenditure, so business leaders today expect a return on that investment beyond physical security. Video analytics technology has been a staple of FBI and CIA movies and TV shows for years, but its applications go well beyond public safety and forensics. Here are some examples of how video analytics can deliver added value through commercial and industrial applications.

In a retail environment or large venue such as a convention center or a transportation hub, video analytics can be used to generate heat maps showing the flow of traffic. This data indicates where the high-traffic areas are, so you can use that information to sell advertising space, or maximize the exposure of your own messaging.

In a retail setting, you can use video counting to track how many people pause in front of a display, how much time they spend there, and where they go next. With facial recognition, you can also gather demographic information about them, such as approximate age, gender, ethnicity—even hairstyles, glasses and other features. This data can provide valuable insights into your customer base, helping you target your marketing and make more informed business decisions.

Some stores, hotels and casinos also use facial recognition to help staff identify VIPs and provide them with more personalized service. Video analytics can be used to enable better guest experiences. For example, in busy parking lots or structures, object detection could be used to sense where parking spots are available.

There are many applications for video analytics on the industrial side as well. For example, optical character recognition can be used to read the numbers on a box or rail car to collect data on that container’s progress through the facility and track how long it’s been there. Thermal heat detection can be used to alert you when equipment is running beyond its operating range, so you know when it needs to be serviced.

As you discuss a video surveillance upgrade with your stakeholders and security integrator, consider all of the potential applications for video analytics. It can turn your capital investment into a powerful tool for business intelligence.

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