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Supply Chain Services that Save Time and Reduce Costs

Avoid costs, save time and improve productivity while mitigating risk with our customized Supply Chain Services. We can help you eliminate costs, address sustainability requirements, and enhance quality through deployment and replenishment processes that are scalable and repeatable worldwide, helping you utilize the same systems and processes from Afghanistan to Qatar. 

Principal Services Offering

  • OEM engineering support
  • Product testing and evaluation
  • Supply Chain Services
  • eBusiness solutions

Additional Services

Anixter works with local shipping companies who have U.S. military base access and are familiar with the shipping requirements to deliver into sometimes difficult regions. Anixter has the facility to ship materials on U.S. government pallets for ease of unloading once material is on base. Anixter also has the ability to have special-built frames, skids or cradles for shipping nonstandard cargo, which allows for maximum space to be used when shipping. This is critical when moving material by airfreight into Afghanistan as it can keep shipping costs at a minimum.