Power Distribution

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Keeping the lights on and the customer’s bill accurate are critical components of power distribution. Making the most of existing inventory, buying the right material at the right quantity, and driving towards a leaner inventory while still ensuring the ability to react to unplanned events can cause a strain on your supply chain. Anixter can help ensure supply chain efficiency and provide solutions which help mitigate risk, so utilities can focus on meeting customer expectations.


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Capacitor banks

Cross arms, braces and structures

Electrical distribution equipment

Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO)


Physical and cyber security

Pole line hardware



Smart grid

Street lighting



Wire and cable


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Inventory Management

  • Contractor and EPC materials management
  • Integrated supply chain management
  • Job site trailers
  • Laydown yard management
  • RFID and barcoding
  • Trakr
  • Warehousing and logistics
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Product Enhancement

  • Advanced kitting and assembly
  • Cable management solutions
  • Wire and cable cut to length
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  • eCommerce
  • eStorefront
  • Reservation center

Technical Expertise

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  • Lighting design, sourcing and project management
  • Project management