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Facial Recognition

  • Controlled Environment Identification
  • High Performance Identification for Mass Events
  • Forensic Analytics
  • Access Control

Traffic Optimization

  • LPR (License Plate Detection)
  • Violation Detection
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Occupancy control (Parking lots)

Customer Behavior - Business Intelligence

  • Age, Gender, Ethnicity
  • Facial Recognition


  • Video Synopsis
  • Multi-Camera Searches

Crowd Control

  • Pattern Identification
  • People Flow Management
  • Specific People Search

Public Health

  • Social Distancing
  • Facial Mask Detection
  • Infected Person Identification and Tracking

Loss Control

  • Environment changes (object decrease, etc.)
  • Line Crossing
  • Behavior (lotering)
  • Perimeter detection

Basic Concepts

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