In this section we will tell you about the display technologies we have to integrate Video Walls solutions in commercial and corporate environments.

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  1. Environment dimensions:
    This is an important factor to consider in order to be able to select what type of technology to implement within the range of possibilities in the WESCO | Anixter portfolio.
  2. Lighting type:
    First of all, it must be taken into account whether it will be an indoor or outdoor installation. If it is an indoor installation, it is important to know if the environment where the equipment will be installed has natural lighting - in this case from the size of the windows to the position of the building can have an impact-, or if it will only have artificial lighting.
    When using projectors, it is recommended that no type of lighting interfere between the lens and the projection screen. In the case of LED or Videowall screens, it will depend on the ambient lighting to determine the amount of brightness that the solution to be installed should have.
  3. Message to be projected:
    When projectors installation is being carried out, it should be considered that there are office automation technology and also technology for multimedia content reproduction. In the case of Video Walls, technology does not influence that much, but rather the thickness of the screen frame, so we must choose the exact model accordingly. LED screens have no frame so they are a great alternative to consider for different functionalities.


Technology selection according to the space

The different technologies we offer will depend on the physical and architectural space to achieve the necessary impact:

  • Ultra thin frame LCD screens:
    The implementation of these equipment allows not only to use traditional formats but also different forms that will attract the eye to the content.
  • Direct LED modules:
    In addition to being able to cover large surfaces, with direct LED modules three-dimensional shapes can be created to suit the client's taste.
  • Projectors:
    With blending solutions (which allows us to extend a large image without cutting or loss) and stacking (which allows us to add the brightness power) we can use the façade of a complete building as a projection screen.


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