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As data centers continue to expand exponentially, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), convergence, streaming and in-home advancements, as well as disruptive technologies such as microgrids and vehicle sharing, the need to maintain data center infrastructure flexibility and reduced time to market can put pressure on builders, owners and operators looking for ways to manage costs.


From construction to the continual evolution of data centers, our proven solutions and services portfolio can help you maximize efficiency and resiliency within each phase of data center development – gray space and white space –  with resources for enterprise, multi-tenant, edge and hyperscale environments.


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This free online event will feature discussions with some of the leading minds across the data center industry. Hosted by WESCO | Anixter’s vice president of technology, Andrew Jimenez, Smart Environments: Data Centers will provide wide-ranging discussions on the current and future state of smart data centers and the features, benefits and implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the data center.
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Watch Our On-demand Webinar: Optimizing Data Center Resiliency

Join a brilliant panel of world-class experts discussing new ways to expand capacity and improve supply chain resiliency, discover ways to leverage a diverse supplier partner network and explore innovative product and installation enhancement solutions. View webinar here.

The Optimization of Smart Spaces Data Center Deployment

What Are Your Priorities During Data Center Development?

Download our comprehensive guide, Optimization of Data Center Deployment, to understand trends, solutions and services key to efficient data center development.



Key Data Center Priorities


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WESCO | Anixter’s vast experience in all phases of data center deployment has helped in understanding the importance of resiliency in data center developments. By maintaining urgency around time to market, agility in customization, and re-prioritization of costs, resiliency can be assured. With WESCO | Anixter as your support partners, we bring expertise to every phase of your data center build. From site prep to main power, to power distribution and finishing, WESCO | Anixter have solutions to reduce labor costs, lower injury risks and speed up every phase of construction.

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Data Center Smart Environment Partners

WESCO | Anixter along with our supplier partners have solutions for every data center environment. Discover our capabilities.


APC by Schneider
Axis Communications
Fluke Networks



Resources for data center environments


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Micro Data Center Solutions
A micro data center is modular or containerized and smaller than a computer room — typically one rack or less. All required IT functionalities are contained in the micro data center, designed to handle your specific needs at distributed locations and typically managed from a larger data center.
Download the Micro Data Center Solutions Brochure

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Electrical Data Center Construction Solutions
Getting the right material fed to the job at the right time can be critical to staying on time and under budget. WESCO | Anixter have solutions for each phase of construction, including site preparation, power, rough-in and finish. WESCO | Anixter can provide these services with products such as wire, switchgear, lighting, electrical bulks, data cabling, security and surveillance.
Download the Electrical Data Center Construction Solutions Brochure


Learn how WESCO | Anixter can help with your particular subset of data centers.


Data centers can’t operate efficiently without a reliable supply chain that will operate even under the most stringent global pressures. With our customizable Supply Chain Services, you can reduce costs, address sustainability requirements, enhance focus on your core competencies and stay competitive in the marketplace.


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Gray Space Services

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Gray Space Products

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White Space Services

  • Secured cage delivery
  • Pre-configured cabinets
  • Pre-terminated fiber trunks

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White Space Products




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