Data Center Solutions

The need to build infrastructure, maintain flexibility and reduce time to market puts pressure on builders, owners and operators. We are here to help you identify ways to manage costs.

Wesco Anixter’s proven solutions and services portfolio can help you maximize efficiency and resiliency. We have solutions for design and construction. We can help you keep pace with the evolution of technology in each phase of development. We have experience delivering solutions in enterprise, multi-tenant, edge, modular and hyperscale environments.

Comprehensive Capabilities and Offerings

Comprehensive Capabilities and Offerings

Data center solutions are an increasingly mission-critical part of infrastructure for buildings, organizations, and communities. This trend is driven by innovations from the internet of things (IoT) and the industrial internet of things (IIoT), hybrid work environments, smart buildings, microgrids, vehicle sharing, in-home advancements, streaming and convergence.

We provide the support you need to build and operate in more than 50 countries around the world.


Considerations for Current and Future Data Centers



The expansion of data centers in recent years has highlighted the importance of energy efficiency in operations and maintenance.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Global supply chain disruptions can make operations difficult, regardless of the size and scope of the facility.



IoT and cloud-based solutions are maturing quickly and being deployed in commercial and industrial facilities.

Solutions for Data Center Development

Wesco Anixter can help ensure the reliability of your facility. We provide expertise in deployment and managed services for multi-tenant data centers, edge, modular and hyperscale environments.

We understand the pressures around time to market. We provide agile customization, supply chain and operations management and prioritization of costs to improve every phase of your build.

We have data center solutions to reduce labor costs, lower injury risks and speed up every phase of construction and operations. Wesco Anixter can help you optimize everything from site preparation and power delivery to distribution and finishing.



As an industry leader in innovative, high-performance physical infrastructure solutions for data center applications, Wesco Anixter can help you optimize your data center infrastructure for reliability, sustainability, and physical security.

We can help you address current physical infrastructure needs today that align your organization to scale and easily meet future data center performance requirements. We align with industry-leading manufacturers, but we bring a manufacturer-agnostic approach to design a best-of-breed solution that meets your specific needs.

Professional AV

Professional AV

Wesco Anixter has the products and services to deliver world-class A/V solutions. You can rely on our specialized teams to provide trusted guidance on technologies, discover the products and services needed to support your requirements and deliver your solution where, when, and how you need it.

Working together, we deliver technology-enabled solutions that drive digital transformation and advance our world.



The implementation of Security solutions will allow you to prevent and analyze incidents, and identify potential patterns across locations in multiple geographies. Through comprehensive Data Center capabilities, our team protects the physical network infrastructure and offers surveillance monitoring systems.

Wesco Anixter’s security experts can help discover, design, and deliver solutions to keep your Data Centers safe and secure.



Reliable wireless networks are designed to grow along with increasing device traffic and evolving standards. A collaborative network allows for the extension of wireless capabilities for employees, customers, and visitors.

Supporting both corporate-owned and guest devices is not only crucial and essential but also an expectation in every building. The Wesco Anixter team of problem-solvers is ready to deliver creative, tangible solutions that meet your Data Center’s needs.


Data Center Environments We Support

Your needs are constantly evolving, so we think and act fast. Our expertise and insights help you to work smarter. We offer tailored, tangible, creative solutions that provide the products and services needed for optimal operations. Our portfolio of products, service offerings and global capabilities can support your facility’s evolution. We can assist you with solutions for gray space, white space and everything in between.



Multi-Tenant Data Centers and Colocation Facilities

Wesco Anixter provides the products and services necessary to operate MTDC and COLO facilities more efficiently. The MTDC/COLO market is expanding rapidly, and profitability comes from offering unique services as efficiently as possible. Wesco Anixter’s efficient operations lead to faster turn-ups, fewer failures and lower operating costs.

Edge and Micro

Edge and Micro Data Centers

The IoT and IIoT will continue to evolve. Devices and systems will expand via 5G networks. Edge and micro data centers will be essential to reducing latency, processing data faster and offering local storage capabilities.

Wesco Anixter delivers the solutions you need to ensure edge environments and micro data centers run seamlessly and operate sustainably.



From infrastructure to data storage systems, data centers must run efficiently and handle all the operations of your business.

Wesco Anixter’s broad array of products and service offerings can make this possible for all types of data centers.


Hyperscale Environments

We bring years of global experience optimizing data centers in the hyperscale space. We’ve worked with some of the largest technology companies around the world. Our experts have helped support the largest data centers, ensuring they are running at peak performance and efficiency.

Wesco Anixter can help ensure hyperscale data centers operate at peak performance around the clock.

The Data Center Supply Chain Experts

The Data Center Supply Chain Experts

Data center operations require a reliable supply chain that will operate even under the most stringent global pressures. Our innovative supply chain solutions reduce costs and simplify ESG requirements. This allows you to focus on your core competencies and stay competitive in the marketplace. Supply Chain Solutions:

  • Sourcing
  • Product enhancement and packaging
  • Inventory management
  • Global logistics
  • Project deployment services
  • E-commerce

Services and Programs

Services & Programs

Wesco Anixter develops Intelligent Services that can prolong efficiency, profitability, and professional experience in each of your projects. Generating comprehensive solutions from pre-assemblies or configurations to a complete supply chain program. Contact us and let us be your strategic partner.

Technology and Support Services

Technology & Support Services (TSS)

Wesco Anixter’s TSS team helps you build, energize, connect, and secure your Data Center. Our experts can help you select the best technologies that will ensure secure and constantly available access to your information, complying with all the industry standards.

Technological Partners

Fluke Networks
Hanwha Vision
Axis Communications


Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Data centers are facing more competition and more pressure,the continuous, uninterrupted operations of your data center environments are more critical to your business and your productivity.

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