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Physical Security IP Cabling Infrastructure Solutions Diagram

Security IP Cabling Infrastructure Solutions DiagramCopper Patch PanelsCopper Patch CordsFiber Enclosure and ModulesFiber Optic JumpersNetwork SwitchesRecording ServersRacks and CabinetsModular JacksPatch CordsRacks and CabinetsClient Viewing StationsRacks and CabinetsRacks and CabinetsFiber Optic CablingCable ManagementPower and CoolingStorageVideo Management ServersDoor Position Switch (22 AWG, 2C)Electronic Lock (18 AWG, 2C)Request-to-exit (22 AWG, 2C)Reader (18 AWG, 6C)Fiber Optic Cabling Copper Cabling

1. Horizontal Cabling

    a. Copper Cabling

    b. Patch Cords

    c. Modular Jacks

2. Telecommunications room (TR)

    a. Copper Patch Panels

    b. Copper Patch Cords
    c. Fiber Enclosure and Modules

    d. Fiber Optic Jumpers

3. Backbone Cabling
    a. Fiber Optic Cabling

4. Door Locking Hardware Cabling
    a. Request-to-exit
    b. Reader
    c. Door Position Switch
    d. Electronic Lock

5.  Racks and Cabinets

6.  Power and Cooling

7.  Cable Management

8. Additional Considerations
    a. Network Switches
    b. Recording Servers
    c. Storage
    d. Client Viewing Stations
    e. Surge Protection
    f.  Video Management Servers


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