Anixter Armored Cables

Armored cables are used in applications where cables will be exposed to mechanical or environmental damage under normal operating conditions. These applications include power circuits in industrial plants, commercial buildings, processing plants and central and substation utility applications.


Armored cables may be installed in trays, racks, hangers etc., eliminating the need for conduit. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Some armor cables can be used in Classes I, II and III, Division 1 and 2, hazardous locations.

Continuous Corrugated Welded Cable (MC-HL)

Continuous Corrugated Welded
  • Continuous aluminium armor
  • PVC/nylon or XLP or EPR insulation
  • 600 V to 15 kV rating
  • Class I Division 1 hazardous locations
  • 90° C to 105° C temperature rating

Aluminum Interlocked Armor/Metal Clad (AIA/MC) Cable

Aluminum Interlocked Armor/Metal Clad (AIA/MC)
  • Aluminum interlocked armor
  • XLP or EPR insulation
  • 600 V to 15 kV rating
  • 90° C to 105° C temperature rating

Teck Cable

Teck Cable Dual Listed
Teck CSA Only

Dual Listed (UL and CSA)

For use in the U.S. and Canada

  • Aluminum interlocked armor jacket
  • XLP insulation
  • 600 V rating
  • Inner PVC jacket
  • UL and CSA rating
  • 90° C temperature rating

CSA Only

For use in Canada

  • Galvanized steel or interlocked aluminum armor jacket
  • XLP insulation
  • Inner and outer PVC jackets, interlocked armor
  • 600 V to 15 kV rating
  • -40° C to 90° C temperature rating