Mining Cables


Mining Cables

Mining cables are utilized in various types of mining applications and intended for long-term performance in the extremely harsh environment, while providing the greatest levels of safety and productivity. These cables offer excellent flexibility, torsion and drag resistance, in addition to exceptional electrical, temperature parameters, abrasion and flame resistance.

Type W

Type W

For use on D.C. off-track mining equipment. Especially designed for D.D. shuttle cars, drills, cutting and loading machines.

G and G-GC

Mining Cable Type G and G-GC

Suitable for use with mobile mining equipment such as continuous miners, drills, cutters, loading machines, AC shuttle cars and pumps. For applications where grounding conductors and a ground check conductor are required.

  • CV Cured: shuttle car, pump, roof bolter
  • Lead Cured: shuttle car, pump, roof bolter, continuous miner


Mining Cable SHD-GC

Heavy duty portable power cable designed for applications such as longwall sheares, continuous miners, loaders, drills conveyors, pumps and mobile equipment where grounding conductors, a ground check and metallic shielding are required.

  • CV Cured: shuttle car, pump, roof bolter
  • Lead Cured: continuous miner, longwall miner, dragline, loading shovel, blast hole driller
  • TPU: continuous miner, longwall miner, loading shovel, blast hole driller


Mining Cable MP-GC

Designed for underground mining or bore holes. Provide high-voltage distribution intended for relatively stationary installations not subject to be relocated more than twice per year.

  • XLP/PVC: horizontal mine power feeder
  • EPR/CPE: horizontal and vertical mine power feeder