Portable cord is used for temporary or portable power applications at commercial, residential and industrial work sites. Portable cords can be exposed to constant flexing and harsh environmental conditions including temperature extremes as well as oil, chemicals and abrasive materials.


We carry a wide range of portable cord products that meet UL and CSA standard requirements including ST, SOOW, SEOW, and more.

Products and Applications

Industrial: SOOW/SJOW Cord


Extra flexible, heavy duty, thermoset rubber insulated and jacketed cord for the harshest of portable power applications.

  • More flexible, especially in cold installations
  • Better abrasion and tear resistance
  • Better resistance to deformation in high heat applications

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Heavy Commercial: SEOOW/SJEOW Cord


Flexible, lightweight design with improved mechanical properties
for heavy-commercial applications.

  • Non-marking jacket
  • Lighter weight than SOOW/SJOOW
  • Good low temperature flexibility

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Light Commercial: STOW/SJTOW Cord


Flexible, plastic insulated and jacketed cord for light commercial applications.

  • Non-marking jacket
  • Lowest cost
  • Wide range of jacket colors available

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Shielded Cord

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Extra flexible, heavy duty, thermoset rubber insulated, braid shielded, and rubber jacketed cord for applications which require extra mechanical protection or noise mitigation, such as VFD cabling.

  • Durable SOOW design
  • Braid shield to provide even greater abrasion and cut through resistance
  • Braid shield provides protection against EMI (electromagnetic interference)

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