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Continuous, reliable connectivity has become critical to the operation of modern enterprises, hospitals, campuses and other facilities. Anixter works with qualified wireless integrators to help you plan a complete wireless mobility solution that fits your budget, meets your current and future coverage needs, and satisfies local regulations, industry standards and carrier requirements. Learn about our key offerings:

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Manufacturer Partners

Anixter’s Technology Alliance Partners provide solutions designed to connect the world’s most important systems. Our partners help organizations operate more efficiently and securely while maximizing value.

Deploy Faster with Supply Chain Solutions

Wireless integrators offer vital services that include system integration and installation, ensuring compliance with local regulations and coordinating with carriers and the authority having jurisdiction. Anixter helps wireless integrators to deliver projects on time and under budget by streamlining the supply chain through services such as DOA testing, IP addressing, custom packaging and kitting and other solutions that save time, reduce costs, increase efficiency and mitigate risk.

Supply Chain Solutions

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On-Demand Wireless Interview Series

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As more devices such as tablets and wearable technologies connect to cellular networks, mobile data traffic is expected to increase sevenfold by 2021. Join this on-demand webinar series to learn how to use DAS, WiFi, small cells and public safety DAS technologies to improve the employee and customer wireless experience.

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