Inventory Management at Our Site

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Inventory Management Solutions at our site can be utilized when you don’t have the storage capacity or don’t want to have valuable working capital tied up in inventory for large projects.

Fortunately, we have the space and inventory management experts who can manage your stock at our site and replenish your on-hand inventory as needed, whether that means shipping it to your site or directly to the job site.


Inventory management capabilities at our site include:

Cable Management

From selecting the right products to identifying qualified manufacturers to procuring the best products at competitive prices, we’ll work with you to design a cable management solution that provides convenient access to critical materials — without the costs and risks involved in maintaining inventory on site.

Our cable management services include:

  • Customized material take-off services
  • Specialized inventory
  • Reporting via eAnixter
  • Wire and cable cut to exact circuit lengths
  • Customized reel tagging
  • Scrap and excess management
  • Master cable schedule developed for trend analysis and reporting
  • Just-in-time deployment and logistics services

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Integrated Supply

We can perform an inventory management assessment for improving working capital. We can also perform all procurement and sourcing activities on your behalf and provide full deployment and logistics services.


Just-in-Time Delivery to Feed the Job

For large projects, we’ll store and ship directly to the customer or job site as it deploys. This is especially helpful for large projects when capacity is an issue, and it delays the billing cycle until the material is needed.

Forward Provisioning/Dedicated Inventory

We can dedicate material specific to your projects/programs. We can even utilize custom part numbers so we only sell that inventory to you and your project.

Customer-Owned Inventory

We can work with you to identify assets that make more sense for you to own but for us to manage in conjunction with the product we sell for the project.

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