Low Voltage Cable Cart

Anixter’s low voltage cable cart is ideal for installing cables such as Category 5 and 6, security cables, door lock cables and other low voltage communications cables.

The low voltage cable cart makes moving and storing reels around the job site fast, easy and secure. The cart allows for up to 18 cables runs to be pulled simultaneously reducing set up costs of installation. The cart can be locked keeping the reels secure and reducing the risk of theft.



  1. Four lifting eye bolts for hosting unit
  2. Nylon gromnets ensure a smooth payout and prevent damage to wire (0.6875” maximum wire size)
  3. Welded D-rings are used to secure unit during shipping and can be used to chain up unit at jobsite
  4. Handles on opposite sides for positioning unit
  5. 180° Doors slabs are hinged in two locations and open 180°
  6. Four swivel casters allow unit to be positioned manually. Caster brakes prevent unwanted movement.
  7. Fork pockets enable transport of unit by forklift
  8. Padlockable with strike protector to guard assets form theft (padlock not included)
  9. Front shaft support channels prevent reels from movement during transport
  10. Adjustable/removable shaft positions for multiple size spools/reels. Shaft collars keep spools in position and prevent sliding

Available Sizes

  • 2,000 lb. capacity 12 reels Model
    • 1,226 lb. empty 85-5/8” Long, 33” Wide, 85-9/16” High
  • 3,000 lb. capacity 18 reels Model
    • 1,233 lb. empty 92 1/4” Long, 33” Wide, 61 7/8 High

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