Make finding and handling reels on site less time consuming. READY!SM Layer reduces the total number of reels that need to be managed at the job site. By layering multiple circuit lengths on top of each other on the same reel, READY! Layer saves time and simplifies cable pulls. The all-in-one construction dramatically decreases installation time by providing a one-reel solution that is delivered directly to the job site.

The more layers you have, the fewer reels you need

Depending on the length and size of the cable, you can keep adding layers until the combination reaches the total fill rate of the reel. With READY! Layer, you can create your own time- and labor-saving solution.

  • Fewer reels to order, unload, store, find, transport and set up for pulls
  • Minimal labor to move reels
    to the pull site
  • Lower costs for disposing
    of reels
  • Reduce unproductive labor and waste
READY! Layer

Multiply the benefits with PARAPULLSM or PARASPINSM

READY! Layer is especially beneficial when done on our multichamber PARAPULLs and PARASPINs. By utilizing chambered reels and then layering the chambers, you can save on unproductive labor cost by reducing the number of reels to manage.

  • Three-chamber reel with three layers reduces nine reels to one
  • Five-chamber reel with three layers per chamber reduces 15 reels to one.

Add pulling eyes

Reduce unproductive labor by having Anixter install pulling eyes onto each layer. Eyes are installed in a clean, controlled environment, which increases the overall quality of the installation.

  • Reduces the need for on-site tooling
  • Eliminates the need to order, receive, store and retrieve eyes

  • Reduces unproductive labor
  • Works with copper or aluminum conductors

Try READY! Layer on your next project. Contact us to learn more.

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