Projects typically require the installation of multiple wire and cable runs to support a wide range of power and low-voltage applications. Because pulling cables individually is often impractical and inefficient, Anixter’s SPEEDPULL® provides faster installations and easier identification on every run, with cost savings up to 30 percent.


Anixter’s SPEEDPULL machine bundles and binds together different types of wire and/or cable—including color-coded or numbered copper and electronic conductors—into one compact, flexible, multiconductor cable.


  • Multiple-type, custom-bundled cables on a single spool
  • One fast cable pull
  • No jackets, thus maintaining cable flexibility
  • Color-coded and/or printed cables for unique identification
  • Taped constructions with pull-tabs available
  • Staggered lengths available
  • Sequentially numbered footage tape available


  • Provides easy installation
  • Provides significant labor savings
  • Reduces material scrap
  • Allows for easy breakouts
  • Makes identification and termination easy
  • Provides easy estimating for length verification
  • Simplifies material management at the job site
  • Enables quick turnaround

Streamlined for Special Orders

Custom assemblies can be configured to meet specific requirements—up to a maximum overall diameter of 3 inches—from stock. With an overall diameter of 3 inches, 1,100 feet can fit on a 72-inch reel. With an overall diameter of 1 inch, 9,900 feet can be fit on a 72-inch reel.

Limitless Applications

SPEEDPULL products can be used wherever multiconductors are required, including office buildings, factories, hospitals, data centers, fire-alarm systems and machinery installations.

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