Fiber alone isn’t enough


Fiber Solutions for Building, Data Center and Campus Networks
Fiber alone isn't enough.

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As reliance on data networks grows, so does the infrastructure complexity needed to support applications like AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality), ML (machine learning), Industry 4.0 and 5G. As data centers and enterprise networks attempt to keep pace, fiber plays an increasingly critical role.

But the challenges confronting CTOs and network managers go far beyond the quality of their optical fiber. Design flexibility, interoperability, deployment speed, product availability, Day 2 adaptability and more are every bit as important as optical performance.

To effectively solve the challenges and complexities of today’s networks, CTOs and network managers need more than a fiber supplier; they need an experienced global fiber systems partner who can help optimize all aspects of their fiber network performance.


End-to-end fiber solutions for any environment

At CommScope, we see every building, campus and data center as coexisting in an environment that is both interconnected and increasingly hyperconnected. You can’t fully understand the needs and requirement of a single location without understanding how it interacts with the whole. Therefore, we have aligned our fiber solutions and services with all three environments: enterprise buildings, campuses and data centers.


Enterprise buildings

Enterprise buildings. The demands on your enterprise network have never been higher or more varied. Your network infrastructure has to be up to the task. CommScope enterprise fiber solutions can help.

Our fiber solutions for the enterprise cover every connection and cable, core to edge— from powered fiber cabling that extends your traditional structured cabling network to the backbone fiber and splice enclosures that support ever higher demands for throughput speed, latency and capacity.

Campus environments

Campus environments. Today’s smart campus network is built on a foundation of connectivity designed to increase productivity, efficiency, learning, and safety. Reliable highspeed outdoor fiber, inside plant fiber, and powered fiber create a solid infrastructure for Wi-Fi, cellular and IoT network coverage— inside and out.

More than a vital IT asset, the campus network— and all it enables—reflects the vision and values of the organization. Whether you’re building a smart university campus, smart medical campus or smart corporate campus, CommScope helps you shape and transform the future.

Data center networks

Data center networks.

Data centers are evolving faster than ever before, not just technologically, but also strategically. New business models emerge from data centers’ growing role in all areas of commerce and industry, empowering them to leverage cloud architectures, embrace lowlatency edge computing, migrate to ever-higher lane speeds, and more.

CommScope prepares and enables network managers to respond to any change and challenge. Adaptable and future-ready, our solutions include innovative fiber cabling and ultra-high density patch panels. We develop the fiber architectures and MPO strategies to leverage today’s higher switching speeds and make the best use of your available white space—all the while decreasing the effort and cost to upgrade and maintain your network infrastructure.




Fiber Solutions for Building, Data Center and Campus Networks



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