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SYSTIMAX® continually pushes the boundaries of structured cabling performance, redefining the standards since 1985. CommScope ground-breaking work in optical fiber, power over Ethernet and category 6 and 6A twisted pair technologies has enabled customers to adapt and evolve across four decades. As the industry confronts new disruptive changes, SYSTIMAX® delivers. With sustainable fiber and copper, network intelligence, edge/extended distance solutions and unmatched customer support, SYSTIMAX® provides the future-ready foundation for today’s agile enterprise networks. Limitless potential powered by endless innovation.



The Challenges

  • Low-latency, fiber-dense architectures
  • Hyperconnected, converged environment
  • Power and data delivery to the edge
  • Manage increased network complexity
  • Maximize value of existing infrastructure
  • Pursue sustainability objectives




When it comes to innovating forward, SYSTIMAX® stands apart. Over the last four decades, CommScope passion for visionary development and standards-defining performance have led to many of the industry’s pivotal firsts—structured cabling, OM5, OS2, automated infrastructure management and more. Each leap forward is the product of an on-going dialogue with customers. Why SYSTIMAX®? Because nobody works harder or is more committed to ensuring your success.


SYSTIMAX® Five Pillars

The new SYSTIMAX® portfolio showcases CommScope legacy of performance and vision of what’s next. It is built on five pillars: copper, fiber, network intelligence, edge and extended distance solutions, and premium customer support.


Copper (GigaSPEED®)

  • XL
Cat 6 / up to 1G
  • XL5
Cat 6 / up to 5G
  • X10D
Cat 6A / up to 10G




Network Intelligence

  • imVision®
  • VisiPORT™


  • LazrSPEED® OM4, OM5
  • TeraSPEED®
  • FiberGuide®
  • HD, UD
  • Propel™


Extended Distance Solutions

  • Constellation
  • Powered Fiber System


  • On-site Support Warranty
  • Live Premium Technical Support
  • Software Trials
  • Factory Test Results*
  • Design Assistance
  • Free Training
  • Design tools
  • and much more

*Available on most copper and fiber cables.


Discover the New SYSTIMAX®

Explore how SYSTIMAX® 2.0 is innovating forward and standing apart. From structured cabling to automated infrastructure management and much more.


What’s NEW?

The GigaSPEED® Family

NEW! GigaSPEED XL5™: In a category by itself

Since 1997, GigaSPEED twisted-pair solutions have anchored the SYSTIMAX® copper portfolio, providing premium options for Cat 6 (GigaSPEED XL®) and Cat 6A (GigaSPEED X10D) applications. Now, meet GigaSPEED XL5™, the newest member of the family.

A solution that guarantees 2.5/5GbE performance up to 100m puts XL5 in a category by itself. The fully bundled 4-connector design is ideal for multigigabit applications like backhaul for next generation wireless access points. With nearly the same cable diameter as GigaSPEED XL®, the same installation tools and procedures.



New! VisiPORT™

View port status and capacity – anytime, anywhere

VisiPORT™ automatically monitors port status and capacity, improving network efficiency, planning and change management for your growing IoT device environment. VisiPORT™ features intelligent copper panels and fiber shelves with built-in sensors and controllers that are easy to deploy, configure and manage. Real-time monitoring and alerts enable you to assess and respond to opportunities and issues as they occur.

Automated copper and fiber port status and capacity monitoring solution

  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • Minimal setup and easy operation

Intelligent panels with port sensors that work with standard patch cords

Controllers with embedded software
(web UI)



New! SYSTIMAX Assurance™

Blanket protection, peace of mind

SYSTIMAX Assurance™ is an innovative and bold new customer service commitment that supports you across the entire network lifecycle. It features existing SYSTIMAX® programs—25-Year Extended Warranty, Applications Assurance, design support, technical training, etc.—plus online tools, 24/7 live tech support, project installation site surveys and more. The result is blanket protection and uprecedented peace of mind.


SYSTIMAX Assurance™

Application Assurance | 25-Year Warranty


DESIGN - Understand my needs

  • On-site/remote technical requirements review

SELECT - Help me choose

  • Design tools & recommendations
  • Solutions & product suggestions 
  • 24/7 Online Technical Assistance Center

EXECUTE - Support the execution

  • RFP documentation assistance
  • Rack elevations drawings
  • FiberGuide layout schematics and BOM 
  • BOM competitive cross reference  


GUARANTEE - Guarantee the system

  • Digital warranty certificate 
  • 25-Year Application Assurance 
  • 25-Year Extended Product Warranty
  • On-site installation walkthrough
  • Online product performance factory testing certificates

SUPPORT - Learn more and manage the system

  • 24/7 Online Technical Assistance Center 
  • Local Sales & Technical support 
  • Free access to CommScope Infrastructure Academy  

EVOLVE - Show my what’s next

  • "Stay in the know" monthly newsletters & webinars 
  • Complimentary 90 days imVision System Manager Software trial  





The high-speed fiber platform for long-term migration

Launched in 2022, the Propel™ modular, ultra-low-loss fiber platform is the newest addition to the SYSTIMAX® fiber portfolio. SYSTIMAX® Propel™ delivers the capacity, flexibility and simplified management to support evolving networks across multiple upgrades. The high-density, modular design and 16-, 8-, 12- and 24-fiber ultra-low loss connectivity make it ideal for data center and enterprise networks.



A radical new approach to edge-based connectivity

Constellation is a streamlined and adaptable power/data infrastructure platform specifically designed for today’s hyperconnected, edge-based enterprise. It combines fault managed power, hybrid power/data fiber, and ceiling-based Constellation Points in an easy-to-deploy star topology. The result is a high-efficiency and sustainable solution that delivers 10 times more power and five times longer distances than conventional LAN/IP networks.

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Still the standard for infrastructure intelligence

As the industry’s first automated infrastructure management solution, imVision® continues to set the standard. Real-time intelligence and device discovery enable you to monitor and document your cabling infrastructure and track the location of all connected network devices. Armed with imVision® actionable, real-time data and performance insights, planning, managing and optimizing capacity, availability and efficiency is easy.

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