An Installation Pocket Reference Guide

Twisted-pair cable preparation

Twisted-pair cable preparation and connector termination    

Coaxial cable preparation

Coaxial cable preparation and compression connector termination

Fiber optic cable perparation

Fiber optic cable preparation and connector termination

About the Installation Pocket Reference Guide

From beginners to experts, Anixter's Installation Pocket Reference Guide is a must-have tool for any network cabling installer.
The guide combines theory and standards with practice and installation, for a practical and useful approach.

The guide contains:

  • Overviews of fiber, coax and twisted pair cabling
  • Relevant information needed for planning and implementing best-in-class infrastructures

  • A list of high-quality products for "solid" installations
  • Step-by-step photographic references for terminating twisted-pair, coax and fiber cabling and connectors

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An Installation Pocket Reference Guide

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