HDOT Cx Highest Density plus Ultimate Flexibility


Server Technology’s HDOT Cx Future-Proofs Data Center PDU Investments with Flexible, High-Density Data Center Power Distribution Systems

Server Technology, a brand of Legrand and a leading provider of intelligent rack power distribution units (PDU's), has unveiled its HDOT Cx. The new data center PDU represents a groundbreaking advancement in rack mount power strips by allowing the outlet to easily conform to any combination of hardware power configuration needs. The HDOT Cx reduces the need for data center managers to constantly purchase new PDUs to support the ever-changing power requirements of expanding data centers.
As data centers continue to expand, new hardware devices are constantly added to equipment racks in support of new applications or additional processing abilities. The changing hardware prompts new power configurations and the never-ending cycle of purchasing data center PDUs. Server Technology's HDOT Cx breaks this cycle with a flexible, rack mounted PDU outlet combination to suit any equipment rack need.
The HDOT Cx is UL tested for combination C13 and C19 outlets. All HDOT Cx modules utilize Cx outlets that can accommodate either a C14 or C20 power cable without the need for additional parts or adapters. The complete line of Server Technology's Smart, Switched, and POPS PDUs can now be configured with versatile HDOT Cx modules. PDUs equipped with HDOT Cx outlets lengthen the PDU life span, reduce the number of PDU SKUs required and provide the peace-of-mind that they can support any new hardware configurations thrown their way.

Features and benefits of the advanced HDOT Cx

  • Ultimate Flexibility: 2 Outlets in 1
  • Most Outlets Per Form Factor
  • Easy Load Balancing with Alternating Phase Technology

  • Future Ready for Equipment Updates


The Cx outlet is replacing the C19 outlets, that are currently on the HDOT PDU today, with a hybrid outlet that can function as either a C13 or a C19 outlet. This innovative design reduces complexity within the selection process and limits the need to purchase a new set of PDUs when equipment changes, resulting in lowering end costs. HDOT Cx PDUs still have all the great features from previous HDOT PDUs: the most outlets per form factor, easy load balancing, and the ability to customize your PDU to the configuration of choice in only four easy steps.

  • Ultimate Flexibility. The Cx outlet is the ultimate in flexibility, a C13 and C19 combined into one outlet. With no additional parts, a C14 or a C20 cable can be plugged into the Cx outlet. It is UL reviewed and tested for safety and performance.
  • Easy Load Balancing. Alternating phase outlets alternate the phased power on a per-outlet basis instead of a per-branch basis. This allows for shorter cords, quicker installation and easier load balancing for 3-phase rackmount PDUs.
  • Build your HDOT Cx PDU Just Four Easy Steps:
    1.Choose Your Type
    2.Pick Your Power Options
    3.Select Plugs & Outlets
    4.Download Datasheet & Request for Quote