Technology Support Services

Your Partner in Digital Transformation

There’s no question that technological advances are progressing at an exponential rate. As the world continues to digitize across every industry – promising to revolutionize productivity, safety, customer experience and more – harnessing its true potential requires a clear vision and strategy, technical expertise and opportunity scoping.

Our Technology & Support Services (TSS) team is your partner in innovation, dedicated to providing ingenious solutions that keep our world running and advancing. This team of 70+ engineers can help you identify opportunities and technologies to achieve your digital transformation goals. We bring you the right technology support when and where you need it.


The TSS team can help you:

  • Gain insight to keep pace with emerging technologies
  • Align business goals with technology solution roadmaps for digital transformation
  • Supplement in-house engineer resources and fill technology knowledge gaps
  • Support your complex projects around the world
  • Drive interoperability
  • Benefit from freedom of choice and scalability
  • Generate bills of material
  • Interpret codes and standards
  • Further your education via Wesco University


By covering a wide spectrum of technology, we can enable you to meet the ever-growing demands of your business in several industries: 


Knowledge You Can Trust

We realize that technology is in constant change within the industries we support. Our TSS engineers actively participate in industry associations and standards bodies, including the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and ONVIF, and obtain key industry certifications to help you make informed technology decisions. We take standards participation seriously by contributing to standards development, being the voice of our customers and by staying knowledgeable of the latest technologies, best practices and trends. 



For technical support, please reach out to your salesperson.