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Corning, a Technology Alliance Partner, shares our mission to provide solutions that meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. Together, we bring the end-to-end fiber optic and copper product solutions, resources, services and training you value. Corning has been at the forefront of fiber optic technology, forming the designs, products and guidelines that have become standard in the industry today.
Meeting the needs of customers with innovation and passion, Corning’s broadened product range means they are now an industry leading manufacturer in a number of customer-focused solutions including, fiber optic cablesconnectors and related hardwaresmall cells and harsh environments products.



As the inventors of optical fiber in 1970, innovation is at the core of Corning’s successful history of technology and the foundation of providing compatible solutions that meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. Such solutions include LANscape® Solutions that provide the successful and efficient foundation of your data center, local area, intelligent traffic system and industrial networks.

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See the Light® Fiber Optic Free Semiars

See the Light Fiber Optic Seminars

See the Light fiber optic seminars bring the latest innovative technology in the industry to a city near you. Three- to six-hour training seminars are taught by experts on a variety of topics throughout the United States.

Whether you are new to the industry, a veteran field installer, an instructor or designer, See the Light seminars offer something for everyone. These hands-on fiber optic classes allow students to work directly with equipment and materials ideal for installation, termination, troubleshooting and system design.

As part of Corning's commitment to work closely with its customers — the See the Light training seminars are free of charge. BICSI and ETA credits may apply. FOA accepts Corning courses as credits toward FOA Specialists certifications.

Learn more about the See the Light Fiber Optic Seminars.


Linecards for Security Applications

Wi-Fi, Audio, and Signaling

Amusement - Wi-Fi, Audio, and Signaling (Light & Sound)


 Security – CCTV

Presence and Access Control

Security - Presence and Access Control

In-Building Networks

An easy way to specify, purchase, and install your local area network (LAN). Corning products are readily available and highly compatible to reduce the time and effort you spend on your infrastructure. For easy reference, they’ve listed the most popular LAN fibre cables, connectors, patch panels, and related accessories, as well as a complete range of shielded and unshielded copper products required to get the job done.

Data Centre Brochure

Data Centre
Specifying, purchasing, and installing your data centre has never been easier. To reduce the time and effort you spend on your infrastructure, Corning have compiled this guide to provide you with at-a-glance ordering information for the most popular products as well as innovative resources created to help save you time and money – because products are only part of what it takes to make your data centre successful.



Learn more about the See the Light Fiber Optic Seminars.

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LC Duplex UniBoot Fiber Patch Cord