Telecoms, utility companies, and public authorities are uniquely positioned to build and expand broadband networks, making high-speed connectivity a real possibility for global communities. As a proven supply chain partner, Wesco Anixter has the experience and technical expertise to help you deliver next-generation broadband connectivity to your community.  




Supply Chain Solutions

Wesco Anixter’s proven track record of experience and expertise with large, medium, and small scale broadband projects guarantees that the products, solutions and services required for a seamless project completion are already in place. We can help streamline your project with a variety of cost-effective end-to-end supply chain solutions with customisable distribution and logistical services including consultation, asset management, eProcurement, VMI, warehousing, project management and kitting. Our customer service and account management professionals ensure your fibre build projects stay on budget and schedule.



Bridging Relationships to Suppliers and Brands

Wesco Anixter has built relationships with established industry suppliers as well as newcomers that simplify and streamline the procurement process. We utilise this diverse portfolio of solutions to help operators increase performance, security, and efficiency throughout their network infrastructure.



Rural Broadband Expertise

Wesco Anixter has the ability to provide a total solution approach to help you plan, implement, build, and maintain fibre and wireless networks. We’ve successfully deployed over 100 rural broadband projects globally and understand the different funding sources available. By utilising our expertise and experience, we can ensure your project is completed on schedule and on budget.



Fibre Optic Services

Every fibre optic project is different and can require multiple strategies to achieve success. As your supply chain partner, Wesco Anixter simplifies your complex broadband projects with customisable, cost-effective services and solutions.

We offer customers a wide range of tailor-made services to help streamline and speed up any network deployment, including:

  • Asset and inventory management
  • Centralised fulfillment and procurement 
  • E-commerce solutions and system integrations
  • Kitting
  • Logistics and transportation optimisation
  • Onsite job trailers and storage
  • Product warehousing
  • Project forecasting, planning and management 
  • Technical support for ISP, OSP and wireless networks



Product Categories

When you work with Wesco Anixter, you gain a single point of contact for your network connectivity projects. As your turnkey partner, we’ll leverage our comprehensive suite of services to ensure your project’s success.