In today's business environment, systems compatibility saves time and money. Streamline your purchase-to-pay processes and boost productivity through procurement integration with Anixter.

Key benefits

  • Streamline ordering processes
  • Place orders 24/7/365
  • Reduce ordering errors
  • Customize product selections
  • Control and track spending
  • Extend purchasing to end users while controlling purchases


EDI (electronic data interchange) allows you to collaborate electronically with us on order information, purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices. Our EDI systems decrease paperwork and offer fast and efficient ordering while greatly reducing the chance for error.

Punchout Catalogs

Punchout catalogs or punchout websites allow you to access Anixter's products from within your own procurement system or eProcurement system application, so you can locate and order products quickly without leaving your purchasing workflow.

Flat File Catalogs

A static catalog content file is built to specify the customer’s needs and format requirements. Anixter can provide customer-managed static catalogs in a variety of formats, with up-to-date contracted price and product data. These custom data catalogs are uploaded by the customer onto their own system to streamline sourcing needs.

Procurement System Integration

Globally, Anixter is collaborating with industry-leading eProcurement or invoicing providers supporting your Purchase to Pay (P2P) and custom product catalogs integration business needs. We currently partner with more than 35 eProcurement providers, including but not limited to the following (plus many more marketplace or software solutions supported):

  • Ariba  
  • Oracle
  • Peoplesoft
  • SAP
  • SciQuest
  • Tungsten-Netowrk
  • GHX
  • Coupa 
  • Exostar  
  • Hubwoo  
  • Clarus 
  • Perfect Commerce

Custom Invoicing

Anixter's custom invoicing option provides traditional style and integrity and meets all legal requirements. A consolidated invoice solution can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. Invoices can be consolidated daily, weekly, at calendar or fiscal month end, PO ship complete, or on certain dates. With an automated custom invoice, you can look forward to expedient, concise, accurate invoicing with every shipment.

Electronic Invoicing and Statements

Anixter can email your invoices and statements directly to your accounts payable email inbox. It's a faster and more environmentally-friendly way to receive your invoices and statements. Invoices are transmitted as soon as they are generated, and monthly statements are also available.

For more information about digital integration solutions, contact your local Anixter sales representative.