ComNet Free Space Optical Transmission Products

ComNet FSO image

ComNet's SkyLaser line consists of an easy to install, pre-packaged Point-to-Point kit that contains everything you need to establish a fully symmetrical 1 Gbps wireless optical link, getting the bandwidth of Fiber Optic with the simple installation of Wireless.

ComNet’s SkyLaser system offers though a true fiber alternative by supporting 1Gbps symmetrical data rates over distances up to 1500 meters. Two systems are available for either 600-meter or 1500-meter operation.

Complex systems can be built by using the SkyLaser system with ComNet’s extensive range
of Ethernet switches, either in all wireless or hybrid wireless / cables solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • High bandwidth low latency wireless connectivity that allow networks to be built in a similar fashion to cabled solutions
  • The units support full wire speed 1Gbps symmetrical data rates and with latency figures lower than those of optical fibre
  • FSO links can be installed up to a range of 1500m to provide true fibre in the sky performance for end users where the use of privately owned cable or leased line is practically and/or financially unfeasible
  • Ideal for outdoor applications (IP66 and low temperature range)
  • Scope alignment for simple installation
  • Can be used in High Speed Redundant Ethernet Ring
  • FSO based systems offer very low operational costs due to licence fre nature of the technology
  • No degradation in performance due to environmental conditions or other competing systems in the area

Typical Aplications

  • To connect two facing buildings of the same company with the benefit of being licence-free (no digging for the cable installation)
  • Telcos, military, gas/electricity companies
  • For CCTV and other systems requiring high bandwidth networks

Read more about the features and benefits of a SkyLaser Free Space Optic Ethernet solution in the Free Space Optical Transmission guide.