Introducing Aimetis Symphony

Aimetis Symphony™ - The Most Scalable and Cost Effective Video Management System with Native Analytics 

Aimetis Symphony™ image

Aimetis Symphony™ 7 is the new benchmark for intelligent video management software (VMS) that is redefining how surveillance video is being monitored and leveraged. Highly scalable, easy to set up and use, Symphony is the perfect solution for both single server installations and multi-server deployments.
Symphony can be centrally managed over an easy-to-use and secure browser-based administrator client. Coupled with industry-leading native analytics, Symphony is in a class
of its own. 

  • Most scalable VMS on the market
  • Proven native video analytics
  • High security
  • Centralized cloud management
  • Lowest total cost of ownership on the market 

What’s New with Aimetis Symphony 7?

In response to customer demands, Symphony 7 includes a completely redesigned user interface for both operators and administrators aimed at streamlining workflow, reducing setup time, and enhancing the overall user experience. In addition, the boosted scalability offers our customers the lowest total cost of ownership of any VMS. 

Main Features

  • Redesigned operator client for a more streamlined user experience 
  • Browser-based system administration 
  • Lowest total cost of ownership VMS
    on the market 
  • 40% increase in client CPU efficiency 
  • Over 50% reduction of mouse clicks
    in operator client 

  • Native Analytics available for any license type Built-in, high security SSL encryption on all communications 
  • GIS Map support 
  • Seamless cloud-based central administration through the use of Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ 
  • Windows 10 support 

Aimetis Symphony 7 and the Aimetis Physical Security Appliance™ will be available in Q3 English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Arabic.