Award-Winning EDGE8 Solution for the Data Centre

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Corning’s EDGE8 solution has been awarded two top honours this year!

IT and Network Infrastructure Award - Corning

On 20 April 2016, Corning triumphed at the German Data Centre Awards 2016 (Der Deutsche Rechenzentrumspreis) with the “IT and Network Infrastructure Award” for its EDGE8 solution, the industry’s first fibre cabling system with a Base-8 design. Der Deutsche Rechenzentrumspreis honours products and projects that enhance efficiency in the data centre with a special focus on innovative and visionary solutions.
An independent jury of business and scientific experts evaluated the products of 58 companies in a total of eight categories. The judges were particularly impressed by the innovative design of its EDGE8 solution, with the easiest migration path to 40 to 100G and beyond.

Data Centre Cabling Product of the Year  logo- Corning

Following this success, on 12 May 2016, Corning also won “Data Centre Cabling Product of the Year” for its EDGE8 solution at the Data Centre Solutions (DCS) Awards 2016 in London.
This was Corning’s fourth consecutive DCS Award, underlining the clear added value of its structured cabling solutions in the evolving data centre market. The EDGE8 solution is also the third new product in the last three years to be recognised within its first year of being available on the market.
The DCS Award is voted on by data centre operators and owners, so it is a recognition that the EDGE8 solution clearly demonstrates how Corning’s culture of innovation and close customer collaboration solve tough technology challenges in the data centre.

The EDGE8 solution is a modular, pre-terminated optical cabling system featuring a Base-8 cabling design that has received good uptake globally across multiple industry sectors. Technology road maps clearly indicate that transmission speeds ranging from 4 to 400G will be based on either 2- or 8-fibre connectivity solutions. The EDGE8 solution uses 8-fibre MTP® connectors that make it easy to match the fibre count in the backbone of data centre networks and SANs using today’s Base-8 QSFP transceivers. This results in 100 percent fibre utilisation, streamlined 1:1 port mapping, and up to 50 percent reduction in link attenuation through the elimination of conversion modules.

In addition, EDGE8 trunks are pinned allowing for a single pinless patch cable deployment for all installations, reducing deployment complexity and inventory. In particular, a 40G port disaggregation capability provides a cost-saving approach now for 10G deployments, while being future ready for 40G.